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The best gadgets for college students for easy studying

The Best Gadgets for College Students for Easy Studying

The number one best tech for college is a smartphone. You can’t so much as make a step without it in the modern world, and apps make studying easier. So, you’re out of the stage when you need personal statement help and are waiting to get enlisted? You’re probably wondering what are the gadgets that…

Saving a superhero: ‘angel catbird’ volume 3

Saving a Superhero: ‘Angel Catbird’ Volume 3

Who Saves a Superhero When Superheroes Do the Saving? Margaret Atwood’s superhero saga continues the battle against Professor Muriod’s plan for world rat domination with the release of Angel Catbird Volume 3: The Catbird Roars. In volume two, the half-cat, half-bird, half-human protagonist is dangerously misled by his animal instincts when he’s tricked into captivity by…

Kindle book deals: ‘spill simmer falter wither’ by sara baume

Kindle Book Deals: ‘Spill Simmer Falter Wither’ by Sara Baume

For those who carry a bookshelf with them on-the-go, Amazon releases a variety of e-books monthly for $3.99 or less. I’m here to discover narratives written by female authors and let you know if they’re worth storing on your virtual bookshelf.   Before reading Spill Simmer Falter Wither, I read the publishers conversation with Sara Baume…

5 must-have apps for your smarphone

5 Must-Have Apps for Your Smarphone

If you’re a geek on the go, then you’re more than likely behind a small little screen that we call a smartphone, right? We spend so much time on our phones texting, going on social media, and listening to our favorite music. A lot of us are even being productive behind our phones. So let’s…

Amazon’s new “kindle unlimited” – read one, read all?

Amazon’s New “Kindle Unlimited” – Read One, Read All?

In an effort to attract more users and regular customers, online retail giant Amazon announced on Friday that they have now successfully launched their latest e-book subscription service. Currently the largest e-commerce site in the U.S., Amazon has christened this new product ‘Kindle Unlimited‘ with the promise of providing its subscribers an unlimited access to thousands of…

Amazon and hachette battle for the book industry

Amazon and Hachette Battle for the Book Industry

Online superstore Amazon is squabbling with Hachette book group, one of the world’s top five publishers, in a dispute that may define the future of the publishing industry. Customers are raising complaints that books published by Hachette are available at full price instead of the normal discount, are taking many long weeks to ship, or…

Five last-minute-gift ebook titles

Five Last-Minute-Gift eBook Titles

As the holiday season draws ever nearer, some of us are scrambling to find last minute presents for loved ones that can still arrive in time for Christmas morning. If you’re one of those facing down the clock, something you might be overlooking is an eBook– easy to purchase and guaranteed to arrive on time….

Amazon phone coming next year now?

Amazon Phone Coming Next Year Now?

The world’s largest retailer – Amazon, has been rumored to be coming up with an Android phone for long now. Recently, a report emerged claiming that the company would soon launch one this year and for free. Amazon however, has denied this – at least partly. Amazon Phone Coming Next Year? Last week, Amazon was…



BookGorilla: Free e-books in Your Favorite Literary Genres New site BookGorilla alerts readers to Amazon discounts and freebies for ebooks they’ll like. Users sign up for the type of books they read, like sci-fi, young adult, or cookbooks, and receive daily emails offering books in that genre for 99 cents, a penny, or a free…