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The Best Gadgets for College Students for Easy Studying

by Emily Crews

The number one best tech for college is a smartphone. You can’t so much as make a step without it in the modern world, and apps make studying easier.

So, you’re out of the stage when you need personal statement help and are waiting to get enlisted? You’re probably wondering what are the gadgets that make your college years a more bearable experience?

Here is our ultimate list.

Charging case

Most smartphones don’t let you browse the web while listening to music all day long. It’s just a sad reality that you have to accept.

If your smartphone dies in the middle of a project when there isn’t an unoccupied power socket in sight, you’re screwed.

But being constantly connected to a socket or going around with a power bank kind of contradicts the whole idea of a mobile phone.

This is where charging cases come into play. They give your phone an additional couple of hours of battery life without chipping away at the mobility.

You can get a charging case on most phones for $20-$40. Needless to say, the cases for the latest iPhone are going to be at the end of the price range.


Kindle is among the must-have college accessories. It is a great way of storing all the necessary books as a student. When you’re done writing excellent personal statements to get to college, you prepare yourself for carrying dozens of textbooks from your course. But you can just scan them and download them to your Kindle.

If your university has access to online academic libraries, you can do your research reading on Kindle too.

Sure, you can use a smartphone just as well, but Kindle is bigger, better, and done with reading in mind. You’ll get less tired while reading thousands of pages for your report.

You can get a traditional Paperwhite with a monochrome display for $60, or Kindle Fire with the regular display for about $160. It also has Netflix and Spotify for the time you want to chill. If you want to save a couple of bucks, buy the 7” version that costs $50.


Are you planning to scan your textbooks to download them into your Kindle? Then you better have this 2012 Kickstarter product in your pocket!

Portable scanners from top companies cost hundreds of dollars. At best, a portable scanner looks like a huge stick that you run the documents through. Typically it’s just a big wireless scanner.

The odds are you’re going to do all the scans with your smartphone. There are apps that allow you to create PDFs from multiple camera shots. Have you ever tried to scan a 700 pages long book like that? It’s very tiring.

Scanbox helps you do that faster and without straining your arms. It’s a small box that has a hole for your camera at the top.

Fix your phone on the top and start shooting. When you’re done, fold it and you’re good to go! It’s hard to underestimate this piece of technology for college students.

The best thing about this wonder is that it only costs $15.

Smart notebook

If you’re concerned about the environment, this is going to help you save the world, not just study better.

A smart notebook has a small number of pages, but you can reuse them endlessly. The ones that Rocketbook produces can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It costs about $30, and you have to use special ink, but hey, you’re going to be using this thing forever.

Before you clean your notebook, take pictures of the pages, and Rocketbook app will automatically upload it to your cloud storage of choice.

Whether it’s writing a personal statement, solving a math problem, or making notes for a lecture, Rocketbook works great for all. You can categorize your notes into folders to have an easier time finding the one you need.

Noise-canceling earphones

You know how it’s hard to concentrate when you’re trying to study, and the people around you are being noisy. This is especially true for the RedBull-fueled nighttime essays when you didn’t hire a personal statement writing service in time. The partying neighbors don’t help the cause.

Getting noise-canceling earphones does. You can get Sennheisers or Bose for around $170 and listen to your music like it’s not noisy like on a rock concert around you.

Wireless controller

The odds are you don’t have a 4K TV to play Mortal Combat. What you probably have is a laptop, a smartphone, and a Kindle.

That shouldn’t stop you from gaming when you need a bit of fun. Get a wireless controller for your smartphone and play mobile shooters like you would on the console back home.

The cheapest ones would cost you around $25. It’s a small investment in your leisure, but it pays well.

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