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6 Smartphone Apps That Will Make Studying Easier

When you finally get to college, you assume that you already know how you learn. However, what you learnt in a year in high school, you will have to learn in a semester. It can be pressurizing. You want to succeed in your exams, have a social life and keep up with all the assignments that you have each week. A great way to ensure that you have your studies under control is to make sure that you have tools that will help make your learning process more comfortable. Even if you choose my assignment help services, you have all the information needed to succeed in your course.

In this era of smartphones, there are numerous apps that people can use to make sure that learning is easier and more convenient. Here are some of the most recommended study apps that will help you learn faster and understand better.

Cite this for me

There is a lot of college writing that students will have to deal with each week. There is always an assignment that needs completion. Sometimes, a person will choose to get some assignment help from assignment help online services. Regardless of how one chooses to complete the assignment, they need to make sure that they correctly cite all sources of the information used. Improper citations could not only lead to penalties from the lecturer, but one could also get disqualified for the particular unit. When citations are not done correctly, its plagiarizing, which is a huge offence in all universities. With cite this for me, students will always have the right citing format for whichever writing style they are using.

Oxford dictionaries

Since most of the learners’ work in college is all about how well they can write, they need to make sure that they are good at it. A great way is making sure that one gets the grade they need is to learn as many words as possible. When students realize that they are using the same word numerous times, they can use the dictionary to find synonyms and antonyms. A dictionary is excellent when you are reading because it helps you get the meaning of tough words you encounter.


This is a premium service study app that is great for students. There are times that students will discover that they have too much to do in 24hours. It is impossible to remember everything. During this time, they need an app that will list all their activities for the day. Basically, this one helps learners remain organized. One can also set alarms so that they do not spend too much time on one activity. For just $28.99 a year, this services allows learners to customize their templates and colour code them according to the level of urgency.


This is a perfect app for all your revisions and study issues. Each day, a student has to sit down and revisit what they learnt in class. This is the perfect app because it helps you with brainstorming and mind mapping. It is a great one since it allows its users to capture their ideas, clarify them and manage any complex information learned. The various organizational charts go a long way in making it efficient for students to learn new things. It is great for learners who want to focus more on their learning. It also allows you to export those mind maps to any other app on your phone.


How many times have you tried to complete an assignment by researching for information online only to spend hours going over statuses and replying to messages on Whatsup and Facebook? You discover that whatever you are doing, whether reading or hanging out with friends, if you are not concentrating fully, it is not as meaningful. This is the perfect app because it helps you remain focused. Its central idea is to create a tree where each tree shows just how focused you were at each activity. It is also a futuristic app since its main concept is to get funding for planting actual trees all over the app through the trees for the future organization. You will only have to pay a one-time fee of $1.99 to use it.

Simple mind

If you are a writer, blogger or artist, there are times you lose great ideas because you did not note them down. This is the perfect app to have. It allows you to note down your ideas and eventually organize your thoughts, so you remember new ideas and implement them.

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