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5 Must-Have Apps for Your Smarphone

If you’re a geek on the go, then you’re more than likely behind a small little screen that we call a smartphone, right? We spend so much time on our phones texting, going on social media, and listening to our favorite music. A lot of us are even being productive behind our phones. So let’s talk about 5 different must-have apps for the geeky type, that will let you get your job done.

Sketchbook Pro by Autodesk Inc.

Must-have apps: sketchbook-pro-19

If you like to draw, then you will enjoy having this app on your phone. Sometimes you don’t have time to get your sketchbook out of your bag, so now when you’re out and about, or waiting for your next class, you’ll always have a sketchbook in your phone to draw any inspirational image that has popped in your head at that moment.

Netflix for Android or iPhone

Must-have apps: netflix for smartphone

Netflix is super popular and you probably live under a rock if you don’t already have a subscription. Most of us don’t always have time to keep up with (i.e. binge-watch) our shows. If you’ve never considered downloading it on your phone, take it from me, you will never miss your favorite show again! You can be at work, taking your 30 minute lunch break, and simultaneously catching up on the next episode of Orange is the New Black!

Attention Bookworms: Kindle App

Must-have apps: kindle for smartphone

If you’re a bookworm, then you probably already have a Kindle. Which means your email is attached to your account, so no matter what you are using, like your laptop or iPad, you can sync it with the book you’re currently reading. Why not take it a step further and download it on your phone as well? Books read surprisingly well on a smartphone. So, you’ll have all your books available on your phone to read at any time. Score one for the bookworms!

Google Sky Map

Must-have apps: google sky map

If you are fascinated with space, stars, and everything from the great beyond, then you will love this app. It combines your gps, compass, and accelerometer, so when you point your phone to the sky, it lets you to see details of the universe. This is such a great app to help you explore all the stuff you can’t see with the naked eye.

Aviary Photo Editor

Must-have apps: aviary photo editor

If you enjoy taking photos, then you will love this app. Often, you don’t have the space or want to carry your professional camera to every stop you make. Having a good photo editor on your phone will make any photo look professional!

I hope you guy enjoyed this article. We just love writing about apps! If you downloaded some of these, let me know in the comments if you liked any of them as much as I do!

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