Top Apps for Writers to Create Written Works on the Go

Top apps for writers

In today’s digital world, it seems almost unnecessary to carry around a traditional journal and pen for writers. With the following apps for writers, you’ll never miss a beat as you create your written works on the go with your iPad, iPhone, or even MacBook!

Editorial (iPad) – $4.99

Editorial is a plain text editor app which supports Markdown. This app features Workflows which allow you to combine any actions you frequently use for a more personalized writing style. They keyboard used in Editorial is similar to that of the one used in Markdown, allowing for more comfort and familiarity while using the app. Editorial is perfect if most of the writing you do is for the internet.

Dropbox – Free

Dropbox is a cloud-like stooge device that will link to most any account, including Editorial! Not only can you save, access, and modify your files from your iPad, Mac, and iPhone, but it will also work on just about every other platform! Dropbox is the melting pot for your ideas and works.

Mindly – Free

Mindly is the perfect electronic notepad for those on-the-go situations. Write down new ideas or observations and organize them all in the same app. Mindly is moldable to each person because you control how you want to use it!

Creative Writer – $2.99

Do you tend to get writer’s block easily? Are you always using a dictionary or thesaurus to find new and creative ways to get your point across? Look no further than Creative Writer. This app is designed to automatically predict what you could possibly say next as you type!

iJournaler: Your Diary to Journal on iPad – $2.99

iJournaler is the closest replica of a leather-bound journal right on your iPad. While updates are still being released to add more functionality to this app, it’s still the most aesthetically pleasing for the avid journalist.

The Brainstormer – $1.99

If you tend to have more difficulty trying to organize your ideas or even the content of your work, The Brainstormer will help guide you in the right direction. It uses three spinning wheels to organize by subjects, locations, themes, etc. To spin the wheels, simply shake your phone and The Brainstormer will populate random ideas for you. Not only is this app extremely effective, but it’s also quite fun!

Pomodoro Time Management – $1.99

Do you have a hard time with deadlines? Is it often difficult to manage your time effectively while writing? Pomodoro Time Management actually breaks up your tasks into pomodoros equivalent to 25 minutes of work. It also allows 5-minute breaks between tasks. First, list your tasks, let the app separate them into the pomodoros, and get to work! This app is perfect for keeping your focus as well.

Writer’s Studio – $1.99

This app goes above and beyond the traditional written word. Writer’s Studio allows you to incorporate audio and visual effects into your story. This app will be ideal for those who typically write children’s stories because it creates a more interactive experience, perfect for keeping up with today’s learning and teaching styles!

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