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Ghosted issue #11- anderson lake’s backstory

Ghosted Issue #11- Anderson Lake’s Backstory

ANDERSON’S BACKSTORY AND GUNS, BLAM, BLAM! Sorry, sorry, it’s just hard to form complete sentences after finishing Issue 11 of Ghosted. TO THE REVIEW! Ghosted Issue 11- Anderson’s Backstory As you may have gathered from the excited ramblings that began this article, Issue 11 of Ghosted covers the backstory of Anderson. We met Anderson all…

Comic review: ghosted #10 –  the end of an arc

Comic Review: Ghosted #10 – The End of An Arc

Women vomiting crows, bullets that ruin everything and a tender moment between Jackson Winters and a blood-thirsty demon. Issue 10 of Ghosted is exactly the way you thought it would be, if you were Joshua Williamson, if you aren’t him you probably didn’t see that coming. Ghosted #10: End of the Blood Crow Arc Ten…

Comic review: ghosted #9- lions and tigers and bears, oh my!

Comic Review: Ghosted #9- Lions and Tigers And Bears, OH MY!

There are no bears in Issue 9 of Ghosted. But plenty of other angry beasts ready to tear Winters apart and that’s my kind of forest! We delve into the memory that made Winters such a cold customer, see a comic book artist really shine and some people get possessed. This is Ghosted, not a…

Comic review: ghosted #7

Comic Review: Ghosted #7

Ahahahahaaaaa….This issue of Ghosted is by far the most hilarious. I mean, not in the funny ha-ha way of Louis CK. But at the same time, I chuckled a few times because Jackson Winters is a jerk and I like that the debt he owes the Universe is being paid back in installments.  Ghosted #7:…

Comic review: ghosted #6 winters is back

Comic Review: Ghosted #6 Winters Is Back

If you didn’t pick up the first five issues of Ghosted, then you’re a fool. A damn fool, I say! But a lucky fool because even if you can only lay your hands on Issue 6, you’re still going to be in with one hell of a ride. Without needing to know massive amounts of the…

Comic review: ghosted #5. Have they gone too far?

Comic Review: Ghosted #5. Have They Gone Too Far?

So far, every issue of Ghosted has put dynamite in the minds of those who read it. Then, just when you expect the fuse to go out, the dynamite goes out and it blows your mind. But has this issue just overshot the mark? Have they ‘jumped the shark?’ And other things that rhyme with…

Comic review: ghosted #4 read it already!

Comic Review: Ghosted #4 READ IT ALREADY!

You know how Shakespeare counted the ways a dude loved a lady in a sonnet? Well, there’s not enough time to count all the ways in which the Ghosted series continues to be awesome. Also, I don’t do poetry. Ghosted #4:  You’re Not Reading It Fast Enough! This series is the ultimate hanger of cliffs….

Comic review: ghosted #3

Comic Review: Ghosted #3

Dear Rollercoaster Rides, I don’t want to say you’re out of a job, but I will say that as a term used to describe a tumultuous emotional reaction to a series of events real or imagined, you are about to be replaced by the word- ‘Ghosted’. Ghosted #3, You Got Me I’m a Ghosted fan…

Comic review: ghosted #2

Comic Review: Ghosted #2

Whoa. Just….Whoa. If the first offering of the Ghosted series wasn’t enough to hit you over the head and invest you in the series, then Ghosted: #2 certainly should be. In fact, Ghosted #2 clocked me over the head with a shovel and I’ve found myself chained to the series. By the Gods, let this…

Comic review: ghosted #1

Comic Review: Ghosted #1

It’s a series that if you haven’t heard of it yet, you’re about to. Ghosted is like if a guy like “Archer” and Ghostbusters had a baby. A baby in the form of a comic book. Comic Review: Ghosted #1 For the kids just joining us on this ‘Ghosted’ train, I’m going to try and…