Geek speak with the members of don’t let her in

Geek Speak with the Members of Don’t Let Her In

Hello Geeks and Horror fans! It’s time to Geek Speak with the members of  DON’T LET HER IN, a horror feature that is streaming on the Full Moon Features app. Today, we have the pleasure of sitting with writer/director, Ted Nicolaou, and cast members, Lorin Doctor, who stars as Serena, and Kelly Curran, who portrays Amber….

Comics talk with jake estrada and niall o’rourke

Comics Talk with Jake Estrada and Niall O’Rourke

On May 3, 2021, co-hosts Meredith Loughran and C. Michael Lanning sat down with creators Jake Estrada and Niall O’Rourke for a little Geek Speak Comics Talk. We dive into their projects, crowdfunds, genesis story, collaborating with fellow creators, and the creepy, crazy stories that inspired their creative journey. Jake shares about The Underpresence, his…

Cybil lake talks about her latest film central park dark

Cybil Lake Talks About Her Latest Film Central Park Dark

January 8, 2021 Geek Insider had the privilege of sitting down with writer, director, and actor, Cybil Lake, about her upcoming film CENTRAL PARK DARK, in which she co-stars with Tom Sizemore. Slated to be released through Video On Demand (VOD) on February 2, 2021 through High Octane Pictures, the movie is a mind-bending thriller…

The cleansing hour – a shudder presentation

The Cleansing Hour – A Shudder Presentation

Geek Speak with Damien LeVeck and Alix Angelis The month of spooky tales is here and we’re very happy to present a Geek Speak with writer/director, Damien LeVeck, and actress, Alix Angelis, for The Cleansing Hour, a Shudder Original. More About Damien LeVeck Damien LeVeck has stayed busy with editing projects from feature films and TV…

Meet marc rienzo, artist, vfx supervisor and creator of bad guy nonsense

Meet Marc Rienzo, Artist, VFX Supervisor and Creator of Bad Guy Nonsense

More About Marc Rienzo Marc has a very impressive resume with 20+ years of experience as a Director, VFX Supervisor, and Artist. As mentioned earlier, his credits include work in huge films and familiar franchises out of Marvel Studios, Disney, ILM, Weta Digital, Digital Domain, Sony Imageworks, and PDI Dreamworks. Watch the Geek Insider Interview Geek…