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Aria insights uses drones to save lives

Aria Insights Uses Drones to Save Lives

Aria Insights and Drones Consumers use drones for photography. Corporations such as Amazon, Jingdong, and similar companies use it (or aim to) for delivery. Aria Insights saw that you can use drones to minimize casualties in the field. Let’s find out more. Aria Insights and Drone Capability Aria Insights builds autonomous robots that enter logistically…

How can drones improve aspects of our daily life?

How Can Drones Improve Aspects of Our Daily Life?

Drones have been around for some time now, but they aren’t yet being used to make a big difference to life around the globe just yet. In fact, these devices with a lot of potential are still regarded by many people as fairly expensive toys rather than as useful devices. For starters, think about the…

Ups considers using drones in the future

UPS Considers Using Drones in the Future

Last month UPS tested drones for package delivery in rural areas and may eventually implement their use. Other companies such as Amazon have already began exploring the possibility of using drones for deliveries in poorer countries and rural areas. The parcel service began testing by launching an “octocopter” from the top of its delivery vans…

5 recent innovations in domestic drone technology

5 Recent Innovations In Domestic Drone Technology

The first image to pop into your head when you think of the word “drone” is probably one of a military UAV used for spying and missile strikes. But that’s not all drones are used for. In fact, drones are slowly becoming more and more commercial and recreational. Here are five recent things that are being…

‘airdog’ soaring high on kickstarter

‘AirDog’ Soaring High on Kickstarter

AirDog is a brand new gadget produced and designed by Helico Aerospace Industries US LLC.The AirDog is made specifically for the popular GoPro handheld camera. In fact, it is the first autonomous drone that is used for the GoPro camera. The AirDog does not need controlling, unlike other products that currently use the GoPro for…

Flying 3d printer drones can help dispose of nuclear waste

Flying 3D Printer Drones Can Help Dispose of Nuclear Waste

When I was six years old, I had a nightmare that I was trapped in a haunted mansion filled with monstrous flying suitcases. While the travel cases with wings were a product of an overactive imagination, imagine my surprise when, years later, I stumble upon an equally bizarre invention: a flying 3D printer drone built…

Capture amazing aerial videos with the dji phantom

Capture Amazing Aerial Videos With The DJI Phantom

The possibilities for GoPro cameras are nearly endless. You can mount one to your dog’s collar, motorcycle, skateboard, dashboard and helmet to capture amazing, high-definition footage. Why keep it on the ground though? How great would it be to film something incredible from up in the air? Well, here’s your chance: DJI Phantom Quadcopter With…

Drones are coming to 6 u. S. States

Drones Are Coming To 6 U.S. States

Alert! Drones may be coming to a state near you! The Federal Aviation Administration has announced that six states will be used as test sites for drones. Drone Testing Comes To Several States The FAA evaluated climate, geography, ground infrastructure, safety, aviation experience and airspace use to determine the test sites for potentially commercial drones….

Mistletoe drone and the romantic magic of christmas

Mistletoe Drone And The Romantic Magic Of Christmas

Pucker up, San Francisco. This holiday season, George Zisiadis and Mustafa Khan thought they’d spread a little Christmas cheer to couples in San Francisco Union Square. How? A mistletoe and tinsel decorated drone. Romantic Drones? “Drones have been causing all sorts of paranoia lately and I wanted to reframe them from being something scary and…

Retail from above: amazon introduces prime air drone delivery service

Retail From Above: Amazon Introduces Prime Air Drone Delivery Service

Purchasing-crazed internet users found their hearts set aflutter recently by Amazon’s reveal of Prime Air. It is a system whereby a customer can opt to have their chosen item neatly deposited in front of their door by an unmanned flying robot, and Amazon intends to have it active by 2015, assuming relevant regulations can be…