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Best smartphones for seniors

Best Smartphones For Seniors

If you are a senior who is looking for a new smartphone, the experience shouldn’t be any different from that of a young person shopping for their next device. There are a number of options available that can fit all your needs, as well as your budget. There are phones that come with features specifically…

Canadian company buying out blackberry for $4. 7 billion

Canadian Company Buying Out BlackBerry for $4.7 Billion

Another one bites the dust. After Nokia sold off its Devices & Services division to Microsoft in a $7.2 billion deal earlier this month, it is now BlackBerry’s turn to turn itself over. The Canada-based smartphone maker is about to be acquired by its largest shareholder, the company revealed last Monday. $4.7 Billion Valuation BlackBerry…

No bbm for android and ios this week

No BBM for Android and iOS This Week

BlackBerry’s much hyped BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) roll out for Android & iOS ended in an anti-climax recently, with the smartphone maker delaying the launch of the Android version. The iOS version suffered too, having being taken off the iOS App Store. Now, the company says BBM won’t be out for the platforms until next week….

Blackberry launches 5 inch z30

BlackBerry Launches 5 inch Z30

BlackBerry has announced it’s biggest phone yet. Called the Z30, the company is describing it as its “fastest and most advanced” phone yet. Blackberry Z30 The BlackBerry Z30 will replace the Z10 as the company’s flagship phone. It is the 4th in the new generation of BlackBerry devices, after the Z10, the Q10, and the…

Bbm for android coming out before september ends

BBM For Android Coming Out Before September Ends

BBM for Android To Debut Fall 2013 Back in the days, before the supremacy of Android, many of my friends owned a Blackberry (I had a stupid Nokia at that time). So, Whenever I asked them about what made Blackberry so cool for them and always, there would be one simple answer, BBM. Yes, the…

Blackberry playbook will not receive bb10 update

BlackBerry PlayBook Will Not Receive BB10 Update

BlackBerry has now confirmed that there will be no BlackBerry 10 update for the the company’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet. BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins recently revealed that the company won’t be upgrading the BlackBerry PlayBook to the latest BB 10 OS. Thorsten didn’t provide any explanations regarding the matter. Until now, the company led its PlayBook…

Google’s eric schmidt predicts our future

Google’s Eric Schmidt Predicts Our Future

Eric Schmidt is a very important man. As Chairman of Google, he’s influencing some, or the other aspect of your daily life in an irreplaceable way. Gmail, Google Maps, an Android Device, and of course, Google Search. Some way or the other – you’re using a Google product. Soon, in the future, you could be…

Viber for blackberry now has voice support

Viber for Blackberry now has Voice Support

Viber for Blackberry has finally rolled out its lauded voice-calling feature. After years of waiting, users can now call other Viber users for free. Viber Media, the app’s parent company, had promised back in January that it had been testing voice support on its app, and that voice-calling capability would hit Blackberry smartphones by April….

Geeks anonymous: blackberry 10 update, ouya set to release

Geeks Anonymous: BlackBerry 10 Update, OUYA Set to Release

Cue the coffee machines and pull the plastic from over the baked goods because we finally have quite the crowd here at Geeks Anonymous. Sounds a bit twisted, but I am happy to see all the new faces share my addiction. It so happens we are never short of a supply because the tech news…

Blackberry 10 app store reaches the 100,000 apps milestone

BlackBerry 10 App Store Reaches The 100,000 Apps Milestone

Finally, some good news for BlackBerry users. The BlackBerry app store has crossed the 100,000 apps milestone, and it’s just in time for the launch of BlackBerry Z10. In just the last 2 months alone, developers have published nearly 30,000 apps to the platform, bringing the app store closer to Windows Phone’s 150,000 apps. So…

BlackBerry on iPhone, Android Becoming A Reality For Some Features

The new BlackBerry OS 10 and its respective phones may be coming out, but that doesn’t mean BlackBerry, the company (formerly known as Research in Motion) is planning to pretend like other smartphone operating systems don’t exist. A new report says that BlackBerry is planning to release software that will bring some BlackBerry Enterprise Service…

Apple or Blackberry, which tastes better?

Advantages/Disadvantages The first BlackBerry device was released in 1999 as a two-way pager and later in 2002 as a Smartphone. The device did not only function as a telephone, but allowed users to send and receive emails and text messages, as well as accessing the web. The device became very popular among businessmen because the…