Blackberry 10

BlackBerry PlayBook Will Not Receive BB10 Update

BlackBerry has now confirmed that there will be no BlackBerry 10 update for the the company’s BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.


BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins recently revealed that the company won’t be upgrading the BlackBerry PlayBook to the latest BB 10 OS. Thorsten didn’t provide any explanations regarding the matter.

Until now, the company led its PlayBook owners into believing that their devices will receive the latest BB 10 update. Previously, Thorsten himself had confirmed that the BlackBerry PlayBook will be getting a major OS update that will bring it to the latest BB 10 OS and bring all the latest features to the device, although, he didn’t mention any dates.

So, now that there’s no update for the old PlayBook, users of the device, will have to put up with the old OS that their tablet is running on. Even though the BlackBerry QNX OS is quite modern and offers a lot of features, the lack of updates has made it nearly obsolete.

So, there will be no BB 10 updates for your PlayBook and Thorsten has already made it crystal clear that manufacturing tablets wasn’t a good option for the company from a cost/profit standpoint. So, there you go, no more tablets from the company as long as this guy is the CEO.

This may prove to be a quite bad idea for the company as an updated PlayBook might have helped it retain some control of the industry and compete against the likes of Apple, Google, Microsoft, etc., as all of these giants offer their tablets and smartphones to create a consistency among their users. If BlackBerry can’t offer a tablet, their users will have no choice but to switch to their competitors to enjoy the best of both worlds.

As of now, BlackBerry only offers two devices running the latest BB 10 OS, the Z10 and the Q10; but there is another low-budget BlackBerry Q5 in the works that will be available sometime this year.

Have you tried out the BB10 yet? I hear it’s got a lot of features then again, Android offers everything and is far superior to it.