Turn Any HTC One Into HTC One Google Edition

The Google Edition HTC One is now up for sale at Google Play for $599. However, HTC hasn’t offered any Vanilla Android options for early adopters who got their HTC One from some other place. Well, fortunately, folks over at XDA Forums have already released a new ROM that will turn any HTC One into the HTC One Google Edition.

Htc one

We’ve also heard that HTC might offer an official method of switching from Sense 5 to Stock Vanilla android in an upcoming update, but we’re not sure when or if that will happen anytime soon. So, if you want to enjoy the Stock Vanilla Android on your Non-Google Play HTC One then you, the users must root the HTC One to make this work, but that’s a pretty simple task and users that are looking forward to running stock Android on the HTC One shouldn’t have trouble completing the steps.

You know that everything related to ROMs on Android is done with the help of root, so first of all you will have to root your HTC One. Even though rooting HTC One is quite simple and easy, you should know that it voids your device’s warranty and may also result in a bricked device, so do it on your own peril. Follow the instructions in this thread to root your HTC One.

Once your HTC One is rooted, you will have to download the Google Edition Android 4.2.2 ROM from this thread. This is an unofficial ROM but it offers experience nearly the same as the HTC One Google Edition. This update comes from the HTC One Google Edition directly and is rooted with SU.

This installation will work on any HTC One (GSM) and will turn your device into Google Edition without having to pay the extra money.

There may be a couple of bugs or issues with ROM but it’s suitable as a daily driver and performs all the basic functions, which happens to be working perfectly. So, if you have a HTC One and you want to turn it into the Google Edition without spending the $599 then this method is perfect for you.

What are your thoughts on the HTC One Google Edition? Is $599 a good price for the device? Let us know.