How to take notes on a galaxy s22 ultra without unlocking it

How to Take Notes on a Galaxy S22 Ultra Without Unlocking It

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is the spiritual successor of the Note series that ended in 2021. It has the S pen that comes in handy when you want to take some notes. Moreover, the manufacturer has backed plenty of software features into the S22 Ultra for the S pen. One of the most notable features…

4 features that are set to disappear from future smartphones

4 Features That Are Set to DISAPPEAR From Future Smartphones

Future phones will probably have no charging ports or physical buttons. Phone manufacturers have repeatedly cut out smartphone features ranging from headphone jacks to removable batteries. They do it to either execute clever business strategies or replace the components with better alternatives. In addition to the features that have become obsolete, there are others that…

5 ways your android might get stuck

5 Ways Your Android Might Get Stuck

With Android phones, you have multiple modes of specialty and recovery service. However, the modes fail to shake off after completing the assigned task. Nothing is worse than expecting your phone to complete a task and struggle to get by. Below are five doomsday scenarios that you need to look out for in your Android…

6 mobile gaming apps to keep you entertained this summer

6 Mobile Gaming Apps to Keep You Entertained This Summer

With summer upon us, many of us would like to do some travelling and since we rarely take our desktop PCs with us, mobile gaming is the only way to go. Luckily, there are plenty of mobile applications for our smartphones and tablets that you can download for free. Users of both iOS and Android…

Amazon app store is worth it just for the free android apps

Amazon App Store Is Worth It Just for the Free Android Apps

Apps rule the mobile world, point blank period. People don’t go out of their way anymore to check their emails because there’s an app (and auto-sync toggle) that does it for them. When you want to play games on the road, why go through the trouble of installing TV’s in your car for games when…

Meet the gold plated samsung galaxy s6

Meet the Gold Plated Samsung Galaxy S6

Goldgenie and Their Gold Plated Madness There’s this sudden influx of phone manufacturers putting out top-of-the-line, premium built phones, hoping that somebody dumb┬árich enough will carry around an item that just screams ROB ME! Apple has gone all out with the solid gold Apple Watch Edition… Edition, and the Macbook (really unique naming conventions, there)….

Moto 360 smartwatch in review: your watch evolved

Moto 360 Smartwatch in Review: Your Watch Evolved

Fashion choice can personify you and how you and others visualize yourself. Often, accessories like your watch can be a symbol of class or elegance. Your wrist can even speak the language of an everyday intellectual, some watches are retrofitted with number pads for making calculations on the fly. In the recent years of modern…

Cross-platform must have apps for the college student

Cross-Platform Must Have Apps for the College Student

There was a time when the Android and iOS catalogue essentially ran on two different planes. If you wanted to use Apple, you had to go all Apple, and the same applied for Android. However, in 2015, that is no longer a feasible market strategy for any developer that wants the proper exposure, popularity and…