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How To Open Android from Pixel Lock Screen

Android 12 brings additional features to Google Pixel devices and takes others away. Now, you can no longer use the camera shortcut you are used to. There’s a new quicker way to open the camera on the lock screen.

Luckily, Android devices, including Google Pixel, have many ways to launch the camera quickly. Read on for something a better than the previous shortcut.

Android changes on Google Pixel 

Note that Android 12 replaces the “camera” and “phone” shortcut, on the lock screen, with “wallet” and “smart home device controls.” 

Lock Screen Camera on Google Pixel

  1. Simply launch the camera by double-pressing the power button. 

Pastedgraphic. Png

This shortcut starts the camera immediately, even on a locked screen.  

If your Android device has some screen security, you’ll have to unlock it as you close the camera. 

No more worrying about the inconveniences caused by the recent Android software update. You won’t have to miss a moment because you can now get your camera out fast enough. No one expected the shortcuts to change, but the power button shortcut is better.

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