How to Use Your Android Phone as an IP Webcam

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It is necessary to have the right functionality when it comes to taking pictures, streaming, and creating general content. This is now a content economy and individuals can generate real value by participating in the content economy and building an audience.

Of course, it does require an investment. But what are the right investments? Well, having effective devices and applications that help you to create content, stream, and simplify this process is essential.

For instance, a great android phone would certainly provide value.

Now, are you looking for a way to put your old Android smartphone to effective use? Do you need an IP camera to stream live footage of the events happening around your home over the internet, but you seem to not be able to afford the actual IP camera sold in your local electronics shop or on Amazon? Well, worry no more. Your Android phone is the ultimate solution.

Remember, Google Play Store has dozens of apps that will easily turn your Android device into a sensible IP webcam. It will only take you a few minutes to start sharing your video footage across the internet with your friends and family.


Here’s how to use your Android phone as an IP webcam

All Android smartphones come with at least one camera. Similarly, the Android operating system gives developers room to create mobile applications that can do almost anything. This element reveals why Android remains the best platform to adopt as your IP webcam. However, you will have enabled Wi-Fi and install a suitable app.

Step1: Get the right app

First, you must adopt a security camera application that suits your Android phone. Most apps have similar features like cloud streaming, local streaming, footage storing, and recording. I would recommend the Alfred app for this purpose.

Step 2: Get the right spot for your Android camera

After getting the equipment right, you will need to position your Android smartphone with the camera facing the desired direction or an ideal platform for use as the IP webcam you want.

Step 3: Ensure that the security camera is well powered

It would be best to acknowledge that video streaming through your Android phone will be very power sensitive. As such, you must ensure that your phone is well-powered to prevent it from dying in the first few hours. Getting sizable lighting or a micro-USB cable will work miracles for you.

The results will be incredible with a steady Wi-Fi system as you will have the rare opportunity to stream constant IP webcam pictures via the web. Remember, the system will permit you to view all the footage in the browser of your choice.

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