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Best Android Apps for 2021

Google has released a list of the best apps this year, including highly downloaded Android apps that have stood out the most. Google relied on users’ choices and other metrics to identify apps that improved users’ life through innovative technology, exceptional quality, and fun. Check out the best Android apps below and download them from the Play Store. 


The special mention went to the Balance app, a meditation platform designed to help you every day. Chiefly, Balance seeks to improve your sleep quality and stress resilience through a 10-day plan geared towards your needs. It gives you a free trial duration lasting up to a year, after which you pay $12/day or $70/year auto-renewing subscription. 


When undergoing emotional torment, you may feel overwhelmed by difficult responsibilities and choices. The Empathy app provides guidelines tailored to your specific situation, task, and location. The app also sets out questions to create the best instructions and guidelines for you. Google noted that users benefited much from the Balance app, especially throughout the pandemic period. 


Blossom is a smartphone app that helps users identify more than 10,000 plant species. We have other similar apps compatible with Android devices, but Blossom is exceptional. Generally, the app guides you through all the plants in your surroundings, providing names and other close species. Besides, you can set up reminders on the needed plant care, such as watering or pruning.  


Like Reddit talks and Facebook Live Audio Rooms, Clubhouse seeks to facilitate online chat rooms for groups. Clubhouse’s features include real-time virtual rooms, spontaneous events, user community clubs, and backchannel. You can download Clubhouse from the Play Store, but you must be having Android 7 and above to open and enjoy the app. 


Laughhscape is an alternative to traditional meditation and stress reduction guides. Instead of serious guidelines on behaving and thinking, Laughscape uses comedy to help you laugh your way to relaxation. Essentially, you will follow ideas from popular comedians on humorous ways to meditate, relax, and detach yourself from stress.


If you have artistic skills or passion, the Canva app is all you need to take your presentation or graphics to another level. Through the Canva platform, you can easily create, edit, and design flyers, Zoom backgrounds, lesson plans, business cards, etc. You can also upload any photo on the Canva app, add it to the template, and make any changes you want through the jaw-dropping features. The Canva app comes for free on Play Store, but you can upgrade to Canva for Enterprise or Canva Pro for premium content and tools. 


Google also named the Calm app a leading sleep and meditation app for millions of users. The app uses breathing programs, sleep stories, music, masterclasses, and guided meditation to reduce anxiety and stress. The short durations for guided meditation and the easy progress tracking techniques make the Clam app favorite for beginners. 


You can download a Disney+ app from the Play Store and stream your favorite stories. With the unlimited entertainment offers ranging from Marvel to NatGeo, there’s always something for you to explore. You can also watch classic TV shows and films since the app adds new stories every week. Downloading the app gives you an ad-free experience, group watch, and unlimited downloads. 

Did any of your favorite app appear on the 2021’s best Android apps? If you’re yet to try the apps highlighted above, you better download and give them a go.

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