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Built-in google games to play when you lose internet access

Built-In Google Games to Play When You Lose Internet Access

You can do numerous things with your phone when you have no internet connection. One of these things is gaming. Yes, you can play various games on your smartphone without the need for pre-installed apps. Below are eight free Google games that you can play to kill time when the internet is down. Note that…

How to burn an iso image to disc on windows 10

How to Burn an ISO Image to Disc on Windows 10

It’s easy to burn an ISO file to disc in Windows 10. Follow the steps below and become a guru within minutes. But What Is an ISO File? An ISO file is a single electronic file with contents identical to an optical disc. In other words, an ISO file has the exact contents of an…

Internet problems? Here’s how to tell if it’s your isp’s fault

Internet Problems? Here’s How to Tell if It’s Your ISP’s Fault

Internet downtime impacts your work, interaction, or control of the home system. But whenever the internet connectivity issues become persistent, there are two sides to blame; you or your service provider. Who is to Blame for Connection Problems? Since smart home setups and remote work are becoming the new norm, our tolerance for internet problems…

Who’s been using your mac behind your back? Find out!

Who’s Been Using Your Mac Behind Your Back? Find Out!

Chances are, someone else is using your MacBook without your permission. This has been a major concern, especially among the people who leave their MacBook at home or work. So, if you just realized that this is happening to you, relax-you’re not alone. It is a serious privacy invasion when anyone secretly accesses your MacBook….

How to cancel automatic payments in paypal

How to Cancel Automatic Payments in PayPal

PayPal has gained popularity as an easy and secure payment platform. The service also allows users to set up an automatic payment to manage any subscription or recurring bill. But sometimes, you no longer want automatic billing due to a change of account, disinterest in the service, low funds, etc. PayPal has a simple process…

How to block texts on android: 4 ways

How to Block Texts on Android: 4 Ways

The digital industry has its own pros and cons. For instance, it enhances communication, but it can also get you stalked. You can reach family and friends through basic calls or text messages on an Android device. In the same way, anyone with your number can get to you. So, once you have your number…

Who owns the most bitcoin in the world?

Who Owns the Most Bitcoin in the World?

Bitcoin, the world’s first cryptocurrency, is gaining popularity day by day. Today, more than 100 million people own the crypto, but it’s far from evenly distributed. In fact, only less than 1% of these owners hold a third of the supply. But who is the biggest Bitcoin buyer? And how much is it worth? Whether…