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Microsoft Is Adding Sign Language to Forza Horizon 5 

Microsoft is adding British Sign Language (BSL) and American Sign Language (ASL) to in-game cinematics. The unexpected accessibility change on Xbox’s Forza Horizon 5 seeks to offer more hard-of-hearing, and deaf people access to the same narrative and story beats components. 

The sign language addition will make everyone feel like they own the whole gaming experience and not just get half the picture like before.

Microsoft announced the change in a recent blog post describing the undertaking of both BSL and ASL. Essentially, the new update will include actors from the deaf community signing in story parts between meeting other players, racing, jumping into challenges, and driving.

While this crucial change targets only a small segment of players, it’s nice to see the game developers consider a feature that will make Forza Horizon 5 enjoyable to more people.   

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