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Honor’s New Wireless Earbuds Will Tell You if You Have a Fever

The latest Honor Earbuds 3 Pro will tell when you have a fever. The exciting pair of wireless earbuds feature a temperature-monitoring functionality to detect fever quickly. 

In its press release, Honor expressed their pride in coming up with the industry-first earbuds that incorporated an innovative temperature measuring capability to help users monitor their health. 

Having the earbuds monitor your temperature all the time will help them alert you when the body temperature gets extreme. You simply need to tap on the earbuds three times to activate this capability. 

This feature comes in handy during the pandemic era, when temperature monitoring is crucial. With a $200 price tag, Honor Earbuds 3 Pro also come with noise-canceling to keep external sounds out of your fun. Besides, their PZT tweeter and 11 mm drivers promise good sound quality.

The company presents the earbuds’ features and prices, but we’re yet to hear about the release date. Honor will announce the date when the earbuds will be available. The earbuds are not only lightweight but have an exciting bit of tech worth waiting for. 

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