The 7 Best Tools to Securely Share Files with Anyone 

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Advanced technology has made file sharing easier than ever before. Notably, file sharing capabilities are determined by your software utility, the file size, and the cloud service to which you subscribe. It is now possible to share a file with anyone globally, no matter its nature and size. Therefore, you need to transact via the best secure file-sharing options to ensure a safe transfer of all your files. As a business, it’s even more important to prioritize security and should consider looking into GoAnywhere for managed file transfers to ensure sensitive data is transferred in a secure way, protecting both the company’s assets and customer information.

Pick one of the file-sharing platforms discussed below, and rest assured no one will intercept your file along the way. We’ve covered the peer-to-peer software utility networks and cloud services worlds to ensure you have the best option for all your requirements. 

  1. Bitwarden Send

Bitwarden password manager comes with a Bitwarden Send feature that helps you share important documents, passwords, text information, and other file types regardless of the platform you’re using. 

If you already have the Bitwarden password manager, you can start using the feature whenever you’re sharing an important document or note. The free version supports limited sizes, but you enjoy up to 500MB of file sharing when you subscribe to premium services. 

You can stick to the free option if you don’t have large files to share. Besides, the feature allows you to limit the number of file accesses, create a password for the document, set a deletion timer, choose an expiration date, and hide your identity as you send the file. 

We have other options if you’re looking for a tool to support a higher upload file size limit. 

  1. Wormhole

Wormhole is a cloud-based tool with end-to-end encryption meaning that only you and the recipient can access the file when you upload it to their service. This feature makes Wormhole an interesting web-based file sharing option that ensures that even the service provider has no access to the files you share.

Unlike other file-sharing tools, Wormhole allows you to upload and share files without the need to create an account. You simply share files anonymously and instantly as soon as you start uploading them. 

Besides, the recipient can start downloading the shared file even while the upload is still in progress on your side, making the transaction pretty quick. 

Note that you can’t use the shared links after 24 hours have elapsed, but you can change the expiry time or limit the number of files to share in that period. Currently, Wormhole has no paid options and lets you share files even through QR code, setting the limit to about 10GB of data.

  1. OnionShare

OnionShare saves you the hassle of having to rely on third-party services as it lets you utilize its peer-to-peer file sharing to send files to the recipient’s device. 

You only need to ensure that you and the recipient have flawless internet connectivity for the transfer to succeed. 

OnionShare also incorporates the Tor network to take things a notch higher and ensure all your activities there remain anonymous and private. You also get a chat feature to confirm with the recipient on the file-sharing progress.  

You can use OnionShare on macOS, Windows, and Linux and enjoy satisfactory transfer speed. 

  1. Dropbox

Dropbox is the ideal file-sharing option for businesses that want a hassle-free experience. The cloud storage option offers businesses the convenience of easy collaboration with top-notch security.

Dropbox has no end-to-end encryption, but it ensures that all your data sharing is private. Also, there are no free pricing plans with Dropbox, meaning that you must subscribe to the premium plan if you want to enjoy the tool’s collaboration features that enhance secure file transfer. 

  1. DocSend

What makes DocSend outstanding are the real-time controls while you share attachments. Simply put, you can update any file you’ve uploaded to a newer version. In addition, DocSend offers Outlook and Gmail integration with a section to control file access and verify the recipient’s identity via email authentication. 

You can try out the tool with the first few attachments for free, but you must opt for the paid plan to continue enjoying the service. 

  1. Mega

Mega’s end-to-end encryption makes it the most secure cloud storage option allowing you to upload and share any file from your account. In addition to the robust security, Mega offers chat similar to OnionShare, where you can countercheck with the recipient. These features make Mega an excellent option to collaborate and share files simultaneously without any safety concerns. 

You can choose to share your contact via QR code or add contacts manually for others to send your requests. This way, you transfer files to specific people making it hard for strangers to access them. 

  1. Tresorit

Tresorit is a Swiss-based cloud storage service that lets you collaborate and share files as securely as possible. Tresorit has no free plans for the cloud service, but you can utilize the free Tresorit Send service to upload up to 5GB of data. This option still offers secure file sharing with end-to-end encryption and additional options to manage shared links and files. 

Nonetheless, the paid plans make Tresorit undoubtedly one of the most compelling options to use as they provide the best security and convenience of cloud storage.

Use Secure Platforms to Share Files

You should use a secure platform to share files unless you want them to go public. While most options require you to work through a web browser, you still have options that support cross-platform for peer-to-peer transfer. 

Chiefly, your last resort should be a file-sharing service that gives you ultimate control over file access. Everything else is up to you.

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