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How to Deal with Burnout When You Can’t Take a Vacation

If you want to fix burnout but can’t afford a vacation, we got alternatives to control your stress and restore your energy. Of course, a vacation would be the easiest and most fun way to address burnout, but it would require you to take some time off your routine. 

Sometimes job demands can be so high that you need to find alternatives to fix burnout and continue working. Try out the seven tips below and address burnout from home.

  1. Control Your Stress

Burnout is an accumulated and overwhelming feeling. Therefore, you need control to defeat and recover from it. You can start with scheduling your daily activities and detailing what you can accomplish within a given timeframe. Several online apps will help you schedule your free time, workday, eat healthily, and practice mindfulness. You must develop a work plan to get the best from these apps. 

After you make your work plan, the next thing is to believe that you will catch up. Put down all your tasks and responsibilities, removing the non-essential ones and delegating your time energy to what’s left. 

Break down all the tasks in your final list and break everything into steps scheduling enough time to work on each. Take your time on each task, and don’t hesitate to cancel less-important tasks or request deadline extensions to accommodate everything. Note that failing to work on your burnout affects your productivity and speed. 

Developing a plan creates a way forward to handle all the tasks in your day or week. Note that it’s one thing to create a plan and another to follow it strictly. You may ask someone to hold you accountable for that plan to ensure that you’re realistic. Don’t treat the plan as your enemy but as a lifeline that you should stick to every day to bring you closer to recovery. 

  1. Check Work Options

Ask for any accommodations that you can get from your work. You may be eligible for adjusted duties, paid leave, and much more. 

Don’t treat the employer as your enemy just because they couldn’t allocate some time to fix your burnout. Note that they want you to be highly productive, and it would help if you explained to them how burnout affects your productivity. This way, you work together with your boss for the ultimate solution. 

Even if you don’t get much from your employer, you can negotiate a schedule adjustment to get the same number of hours to allocate exact time for different tasks every day. Also, make use of any health or counseling resource at your workplace.

  1. Reduce Your Home Workload

Are you getting enough rest when you get home? Could this be hurting your health and productivity? Even if you don’t take a complete vacation, you can still find rest time in other areas. Explain your workday to other people at home and see if you can offload some labor to them. 

Your housemates and family can help with housework to allow you some nap time before you hit the door. Similarly, you can ask to carry out less-demanding tasks not to exacerbate the situation. For example, you could offer to work on the physical task of wiping the table rather than the more demanding one like developing a grocery list. 

You can take the mental task if all your want is physical relaxation and vice versa. 

Other than assisting with home chores, your housemates and friends can also help in understanding. Inform them that you need to cancel several appointments and excuse yourself from regular commitments. 

  1. Automate Your Tasks

With advanced technology, you don’t have to do everything by yourself. You can set repetitive tasks to happen without your input, even if you don’t know any code. 

For example, you can sort and schedule SMS and emails automatically. 

While it may seem like you’re an advanced person if you’re not glued to technological devices, relying on virtual assistants and smart devices opens up even more options. 

The nature of automation depends on the task and the available program. Take your time to sort all the small tasks that eat your time and can be automated. May it be searching for files, making that call, etc., searching for ways to automate the process and save time. 

  1. Connect Through Social Networks

Too much social media could be counterproductive, but you need some social connection to heal from burnout. The key is to connect directly to people you know instead of opening the dashboard or news feed for the latest trends. 

Take time to check in with friends and relatives and get to know what’s going on in their lives. Maintaining this connection helps prevent the feeling of isolation common in burnouts. The bond also offers you a listening ear for your own struggles. 

Nonetheless, don’t mistake keeping a close connection with therapy. Friends and relatives may not substitute other healthy ways to cope with burnout. Of course, you need to vent sometimes, but take the necessary steps to process your feelings. 

  1. Take Care of Your Mental Health

Having a vacation is not the ultimate solution to fixing your burnout. It would only help if you still process your stress, calm physical symptoms, stop spiraling thoughts, and much more. 

You don’t necessarily have to access a personal therapist physically, as there are numerous apps online that provide expert-approved strategies.

One excellent way to explore these feelings is journaling. The journal is a private, safe place to express, understand, and process your thoughts as you’re reading them from a page. 

It’s also advisable to find some time to meditate by simply sitting still or lying and focusing on your thoughts. You don’t need to buy complex equipment or learn yoga to meditate. Just find apps online that can assist with meditation, and you’ll be good to go. 

  1. Maximize Your Free Time

It’s healthy to rest after you clock out. Alternatively, you can specify working hours if you don’t work on a clock. Failure to allocate enough time to rest increases stress during the available rest time, making it restless. 

Avoid mistaking rest with distractions. You might be tempted to start your favorite movie or TV show to distract yourself from work stress. However, the stress returns immediately you remove the distractions leading to extreme burnout in the long run. Besides, the escapism desire may cause you to ignore the need for water, food, or rest.

Break times are crucial in fixing burnout, confronting stress, and reflecting on your body’s needs mindfully.  

Set a Pace to Recover from Burnout

If you can find time to ditch your real-life and go on vacation, it would be easier to recover from burnout. However, there are other ways to get the same results. You can also benefit from the support of friends, colleagues, and family. 

Like a massive pile of clutter, your burnout can clear gradually with strategy, time, and patience.

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