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Knives out- is it the murder mystery of the decade?

Knives Out- Is it the Murder Mystery of the Decade?

Knives Out is an appropriate title for a movie that preys on the complexity of a family that is at each other’s throats figuratively… or are they? Such is the premise of the movie set in the Knives Out trailer . But how does the film pan out in theaters? Let’s find out. What You…

What are the most exciting things in store by apple in 2020

What Are the Most Exciting Things in Store By Apple in 2020

The technology giant, Apple, is heading into 2020 with a current stock price of $289.80. The company hasn’t delivered any earth-shattering innovations and has instead focused on scaling its services and wearables, appliances, and home product segments. Let’s take a look and see what’s in store for Apple enthusiasts by 2020. Apple 2020 and Beyond…