What You Can Learn From Alex Trebek On Getting Through Challenges

As you may know, Alex Trebek, the Jeopardy host, has pancreatic cancer. Cancer is a vicious animal, and it can take a toll on your physical body and your mental health as well.

The host of the hit show notes that ever since he knew of his issues, he has been having bouts of depression. He disclosed this in a warm discussion at Good Morning America, where Trebek was a guest with his wife, Jean Currivan. 

Trebek’s Doctor on Depression

Alex Trebek also talked about how he was warned about this as well. His oncologist spoke to him about these potential issues, telling him that one of the several symptoms of pancreatic cancer was sadness and even depression. 

Difficulties For Trebek In the Process

It has not been easy managing mental health for the host as he describes that it has taken a toll on his family. The Jeopardy host has two children, Matthew and Emily. Trebek also says that his wife has been the best support through the entire ordeal. 

He says that he realizes it cannot be easy for the caretakers either as they have to be the ones dealing with his instances of depression. Trebek knows that it is not just about his condition but about his mental health as he battles this disease. It can affect people around him substantially.

Sacrifice and Love From a Support Network

Trebek says during severe pain or when his mood swings towards depression, he notices his wife treading lightly. 

I think about that and realize that it is substantial in an era where we all seem a bit more narcissistic and selfish, where even the slightest annoyance or issue can cause a rift in relationships.

Empathy and sacrifice by a spouse, family, friends, and acquaintances in trying times will increase the overall quality of life.

Good people in trying times to provide support seems like a no brainer, but I wonder how many people have a strong support network of people they can turn to, today, in a world that seems closed- off?

People Love Trebek

This year a Jeopardy champion Avi Gupta walked away from the show with $100,000. He later announced on Twitter that he was donating his money to the Knight Cancer Institute in honor of Trebek. He said that Alex Trebek was someone he had looked up to his whole life. 

Another fan and participant, Druv Ghaur, wrote, “What is we love you Alex!” instead of the answer. Ghaur lost $1995 on the question but still smiled throughout the process. The host momentarily choked up when he read the solution on the screen.

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