‘the defenders’ e8 recap: lucky devil

‘The Defenders’ E8 Recap: Lucky Devil

It was an action-packed finale for The Defenders. Explosions, sacrifices, and Danny Rand looking confused and angry. Everything you would expect from such an episode. We finally learned what the Hand were trying to get to beneath Midland Circle. They are somehow harvesting the dragon bones we saw at the end of the last episode…

‘the defenders’ e7 recap: the subway of the dragon

‘The Defenders’ E7 Recap: The Subway of the Dragon

Was that a dragon? The final showdown has begun as our heroes face off against the remaining fingers of the Hand… and Elektra. She’s like a prosthetic finger I guess. But the majority of the seventh episode, “Fish in the Jailhouse,” was building up to that showdown with all the characters in the police station….

‘the defenders’ e6 recap: back stabbing …and front stabbing

‘The Defenders’ E6 Recap: Back Stabbing …and Front Stabbing

We’re getting very near the end game on The Defenders. The heroes are building bonds, the villains are losing their patience, and all the supporting characters are still off in the police station trying not to get murdered. But there was some pretty significant murder this episode. Here’s our recap of episode 6, “Ashes, Ashes.”…

‘the defenders’ e5 recap: hand over fist

‘The Defenders’ E5 Recap: Hand Over Fist

Apparently The Defenders require less recovery time than I do after scarfing down Chinese food. They’re immediately in a very tiring looking fight with the Hand after their short reprieve in “The Royal Dragon.” This episode, “Take Shelter,” not only has the heroes score their first major victory (kind of), but it also really showcases…

‘the defenders’ e4 recap: defend the last dumpling

‘The Defenders’ E4 Recap: Defend the Last Dumpling

If we learned anything from The Avengers, it’s that fighting supervillainy in a group setting must immediately be followed up with food. The Defenders traded in the shawarma of their tights wearing contemporaries for some very tasty looking Chinese food. I actually ate Chinese take-out the same night I watched this episode. Guys! They’re just…

‘the defenders’ e3 recap: the kids in the hall

‘The Defenders’ E3 Recap: The Kids in the Hall

Not only does the group finally team up in episode 3, but we see what The Defenders are truly capable of. Namely, beating up bad guys in hallways. What an action scene that was. With that being said, the Hand still hasn’t developed past bad guys who want to do bad stuff. But we’re learning…

‘the defenders’ e2 recap: hit me with your best shot

‘The Defenders’ E2 Recap: Hit Me With Your Best Shot

The premiere episode of The Defenders had everything you would expect from our four super-powered (don’t call them) heroes. Luke Cage stood up for his neighborhood. Jessica Jones dove into a mysterious disappearance. Daredevil wrestled with his two lives. And Iron Fist… wasn’t sure what to do and complained about the Hand. Episode 2 developed…

‘the defenders’ e1 recap: meet the team and feed the pigeons

‘The Defenders’ E1 Recap: Meet the Team and Feed the Pigeons

Have you finished all eight episodes of The Defenders yet? It’s the risk of a bingeable series. You have about a day before the spoilers are out there online. Well we’re going to take a more deliberate pace going through the show. Look for our recaps about once a week. If you watched it all…