The ‘king’s man’ at nycc: prequel film takes ‘kingsmen’ franchise to early 1900s

The ‘King’s Man’ at NYCC: Prequel Film Takes ‘Kingsmen’ Franchise to Early 1900s

While some panels at New York Comic Con advertised big celebrity appearances, the 20th Century Fox film panel just listed the two films they would be talking about. Even so, the big crowd of fans was not disappointed when the stars turned out in force. The Fox panel’s second half had Ryan Reynolds and co….

‘free guy’ at nycc: ryan reynolds unveils new video game comedy

‘Free Guy’ at NYCC: Ryan Reynolds Unveils New Video Game Comedy

The fans at New York Comic Con love their movies and video games. When you pair those aspects with an international superstar best known for playing a sarcastic superhero, you end up with a panel filled to capacity. That was the formula when Free Guy was introduced on the main stage at the Javits Center…

‘riverdale’ at nycc: gargoyles, tattoos, and sats haunt season 3

‘Riverdale’ at NYCC: Gargoyles, Tattoos, and SATs Haunt Season 3

This post contains spoilers for seasons one and two of Riverdale. It’s finally time to return to Riverdale. Inside the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden on Sunday morning, showrunner Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa was joined by KJ Apa (Archie), Lili Reinhart (Betty), Luke Perry (Fred), and Madchen Amick (Alice) to prepare fans for the show’s upcoming…

‘Boy Meets World’ at NYCC: 25th Anniversary Panel Revisits the 90s

The main stage at New York Comic Con was all about nostalgia on Friday as three panels celebrated anniversaries with crowds of long-time fans. After Batman: The Animated Series and Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman rolled through, three original cast members celebrated the 25th anniversary of Boy Meets World. Ben Savage (Cory), Danielle…

‘mortal engines’ at nycc: peter jackson’s steampunk epic a long way from middle earth

‘Mortal Engines’ at NYCC: Peter Jackson’s Steampunk Epic A Long Way from Middle Earth

Inside the Hulu Theater at Madison Square Garden, actor/ director extraordinaire Andy Serkis was playing the role of moderator for the New York Comic Con panel on the new sci-fi epic Mortal Engines. When he asked director Christian Rivers to explain the movie, the audience was given an in-depth answer about a young woman dealing…

‘harry potter’ at nycc: ‘cursed child’ cast talk singing harry and binge-reading the books

‘Harry Potter’ at NYCC: ‘Cursed Child’ Cast Talk Singing Harry and Binge-Reading the Books

Broadway shows and comic conventions aren’t always a natural fit. Well that’s Broadway shows that don’t have “Harry Potter” in the title. One of the very first panels at New York Comic Con 2018 was a discussion with the cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Once the packed house crowd solemnly swore that…

‘the tick’ gets weird at nycc: where will the quirky series go next?

‘The Tick’ Gets Weird at NYCC: Where Will the Quirky Series Go Next?

You may be hard-pressed to find a television show that is a better fit with New York Comic Con crowds than the Amazon original series, The Tick. The character is a superhero, he’s weird/quirky and he’s funny. Add in some well-known actors appearing and it explains why fans were lined up for the panel immediately…

‘star trek: discovery’ at nycc: cast and producers promise a series full of firsts

‘Star Trek: Discovery’ at NYCC: Cast and Producers Promise a Series Full of Firsts

This post contains spoilers from the first four episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and Season 7 of The Walking Dead. When Sonequa Martin-Green was introduced in the Theater at Madison Square Garden for New York Comic Con 2016 during the panel for The Walking Dead, she received a rousing ovation. Almost one year later to…

‘pacific rim uprising’ at nycc: it’s monsters vs. Robots round 2 as john boyega joins the fight

‘Pacific Rim Uprising’ at NYCC: It’s Monsters vs. Robots Round 2 as John Boyega Joins the Fight

Let’s take some of your favorite pieces of the 2013 monster film, Pacific Rim. There was the gruff Idris Elba and his epic speech. “Today we are cancelling the apocalypse.” Then there’s Charlie Hunnam playing the lead. How about writer and director Guillermo Del Toro’s world building? Now four years later we’re returning to the…

From ‘guardians of the galaxy’ to ‘mary poppins’: michael rooker addresses his future with marvel during spotlight panel at nycc

From ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ to ‘Mary Poppins’: Michael Rooker Addresses his Future with Marvel During Spotlight Panel at NYCC

(This post contains spoilers from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and The Walking Dead season 3.) Michael Rooker seems like a good guy. But there’s no denying that he has the look and gravelly voice of a villain. That combination presents a perfect fit for Rooker’s two most iconic roles of recent years. As…

Halloween ready movies haunt crowds at nycc: ‘the last witch hunter’ and ‘goosebumps’ panels talk ‘d&d’ and ventriloquist dummies

Halloween Ready Movies Haunt Crowds at NYCC: ‘The Last Witch Hunter’ and ‘Goosebumps’ Panels Talk ‘D&D’ and Ventriloquist Dummies

During our full week of New York Comic Con coverage we’ve talked about a lot of exciting projects. But many of the biggest panels were related to television shows both past and present. NYCC did cover some upcoming films though. In fact, last weekend two Hollywood stars brought their upcoming movies to the Con. It…

Four Crazy Days of Robert Kirkman: ‘The Walking Dead’ Creator Visits NYCC, MSG and Talks Rick Grimes Fighting Aliens?

Robert Kirkman is a pretty big deal these days. The creator of The Walking Dead comic book series has led his characters to their horrific deaths while amassing tons of regular readers and record viewers on the AMC show based on the comic. This past weekend was kind of a big one for Kirkman, a 36…

‘firefly’ alums hit nycc with reunion panel and new web series ‘con man’

‘Firefly’ Alums Hit NYCC with Reunion Panel and New Web Series ‘Con Man’

It’s no secret that the titles, characters, and games that are popular at comic conventions aren’t necessarily the same as what the general public is into. Never is this more evident than when you see the reaction the stars of Firefly and Serenity get when they enter a room full of their faithful convention fans….