New details about fight club 2

New Details about Fight Club 2

For the past few days, the internet has been breaking the first two rules of Fight Club: we just can’t stop talking about it. But our digression can be forgiven, because author Chuck Palahniuk himself recently revealed exciting new details about a Fight Club sequel in an interview with USA Today. The Comic Book Sequel…

R. I. P. D the ‘down under’ review

R.I.P.D the ‘Down Under’ review

What happens if you moosh Ghostbusters with Men In Black and sprinkle on some Dead Like Me? You make a monster. Duh! Has Science Fiction taught you NOTHING?! RIPD Best Mash Up Ever? This movie has only just been released in Australia.  That’s cool, Hollywood, we gave you Hugh Jackman and Jacki Weaver, but it’s…