The hargreeves navigate ghosts and siblings in episode 4 of ‘the umbrella academy’

The Hargreeves Navigate Ghosts and Siblings in Episode 4 of ‘The Umbrella Academy’

The moment I became aware of a series of comics written by Gerard Way of my chemical early twenties, there was never any danger of me being objective. I was going to love it, and I did. The show had some ludicrously large shoes to fill, and I was going to be equal parts indulgent…

By episode 2, ‘the umbrella academy’ already knows exactly what show it is

By Episode 2, ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Already Knows Exactly What Show It Is

On the other side, now, having spent the weekend effectively binge-ing the whole of The Umbrella Academy, season one, I briefly considered letting myself off the episodic hook and writing an overview of the season as a whole. But that ultimately seemed like the coward’s way out and this is no country for the timid….

Don’t miss awesome con in washington, d. C. On june 3rd

Don’t Miss Awesome Con in Washington, D.C. on June 3rd

Awesome Con is coming to DC’s Walter E. Washington Convention Center for a fun-packed 3-day weekend from June 3rd-5th. Awesome Con is the biggest annual comic and pop culture convention in DC that attracts the most dynamic of crowds. Awesome Con is where geeks from high and low can show their pride and what they’re really…

Thor will be a woman in marvel’s new comic book series

Thor Will Be A Woman In Marvel’s New Comic Book Series

Followers of the Nordic world must have already heard the latest news but for those who haven’t, Marvel, in a very pleasantly surprising public broadcast, has revealed that they will be introducing the first ever female Thor character in their upcoming comic book series. As announced on ABC’s talk show The View, the new storyline will be launched in October…