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5 technological innovation trends to watch for in 2020

5 Technological Innovation Trends to watch for in 2020

There is no denying that technology today has seeped into every aspect of our lives. Not only is it rapidly changing the world, but it’s also advancing towards making it a better place to live in. We saw various technological innovations in 2019 and we expect to see more innovations or the same technology trends…

Is vr the new frontier of travel?

Is VR the New Frontier of Travel?

While virtual reality has been around for years now, the advancement of technology has made it more mainstream, with high-powered VR headsets and lower cost options that make it available to more consumers. It’s used for gaming, viewing 360-degree images, watching interactive videos and more. While plenty of experts have hailed VR as the future…

Is virtual reality the new age of reality?

Is Virtual Reality the New Age of Reality?

Have you ever wished you had the ability to augment your reality? While we’ve played around with these possibilities in the past with video games, movies, and rides at theme parks, the experience is only meant to last temporarily. Well guess what geeks? The tech industry is making strides towards making VR our actual reality….

Samsung’s relúmĭno glasses are like something straight out of harry potter

Samsung’s Relúmĭno Glasses Are Like Something Straight out of Harry Potter

I don’t know if the folks over at Samsung intended it or not, but the name for their new vision-enhancing glasses sounds like a wizard’s spell straight from Harry Potter’s world. At first glance, the Relúmĭno glasses don’t look like anything special, just another pair of sunglasses. But when you start looking at the magic…

3 key factors driving the online gaming revolution

3 Key Factors Driving the Online Gaming Revolution

When the world of online gaming began gaining popularity around the turn of the millennium, few could have imagined the rate at which the industry would evolve over the course of the next two decades. In the last ten years alone, the online gaming market has grown significantly every year without fail. According to a…

The price is right for the nintendo switch’s online service

The Price is Right for the Nintendo Switch’s Online Service

While Nintendo has kept fairly quiet about the Switch’s online service, fans have been pretty vocal on the matter. Sure, some details were released (and not all of them satisfying), but a crucial question hadn’t been answered barely over a month before launch. How much will this service cost? The president of Nintendo in Japan finally…

The future of sex: robophilia to rule in 2050

The Future of Sex: Robophilia to Rule in 2050

In 35 years, you’ll be more likely to have sex with a robot than with a real person. Sound like something from a bad sci-fi movie? Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson doesn’t think so. In his shocking new report, Dr. Pearson predicts that “robophilia” will become more popular as sex technology evolves. Advancements in virtual reality…

Future vision: the spaceglasses!

Future Vision: The Spaceglasses!

Like a true science fiction movie, a 50 man team has been working day and night in order to create some of the most futuristic technology the world has ever seen, although they don’t plan to use it to take over the world. Probably. But, you know, science gonna science, so anything’s possible. Meta’s Breakthrough…

Oculus rift beta to begin next year

Oculus Rift Beta to Begin Next Year

There’s a bit of good news on the horizon for us rabid fans of escapism. The Oculus Rift’s release date has been moved up from Soon to Very Soon. According to techradar, the Oculus Rift could be rolling out a “limited, Google Glass-style rollout” as early as next April to assess the market and evaluate…

The new $350 oculus rift virtual reality headset is now shipping

The New $350 Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset Is Now Shipping

Oculus VR (Virtual Reality) is trying to make the virtual reality technologies of yore more palatable for the 21st century, with its Kickstarter campaign garnering more than $2.4 million for its first product, the Oculus Rift. With a robust response to their attempts of making virtual reality a reality, the delays frustrated many people who…

Sales of oculus rift suspended in china over scalper problem

Sales of Oculus Rift Suspended in China Over Scalper Problem

For developers in China looking to test-drive Oculus Rift, the past week brought some bad news. Oculus VR recently confirmed that they have been pushed to stop selling the development kit for their virtual reality headsets in China due to high rates of scalpers gobbling up the kits before legitimate developers can get to them. Widespread…

It’s coming! Oculus rift dev kit 2. 0

It’s Coming! Oculus Rift Dev Kit 2.0

Despite its limitations the Oculus Rift has earned quite the cult following, with others eagerly waiting in the wings while the kinks get worked out. The promise of better things to come and the recognition that this is a start-up company has kept fans patient and eager to be the beta testers of the device. Finally,…