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The Future of Sex: Robophilia to Rule in 2050

In 35 years, you’ll be more likely to have sex with a robot than with a real person.

Sound like something from a bad sci-fi movie? Futurologist Dr. Ian Pearson doesn’t think so. In his shocking new report, Dr. Pearson predicts that “robophilia” will become more popular as sex technology evolves.

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, the future of sex: robophilia to rule in 2050, news

Advancements in virtual reality (VR) technology will revolutionize the way humans enjoy sex. Bulky headsets will be replaced by active contact lenses that can write images directly onto the retina using tiny lasers or LEDs. A variety of gadgets, including active skin that can record and replay sensations, will provide the physical stimulation. Direct links to the brain will give users the ability to stimulate the septal area and create orgasms at the touch of a button.

Taking Your Fantasies to Another Level

With VR technology, users will have the ability to fulfil their wildest fantasies. They can play with an artificial intelligence (AI) character and recreate their most erotic desires, or they can be with a real person in a customized 3D environment. Sex sites will have VR links so users can have casual sexual encounters with people they’ll never have to meet. In a futuristic twist on role-playing, users can change the face and costume of their sexual partner multiple times during the same session.

By 2030, Dr. Pearson predicts that “most people will have some form of virtual sex as casually as they browse porn today.”

Advancement in technology will also provide sexual opportunities for those who may not otherwise have any. Dr. Pearson claims: “VR will allow people to have sex who might otherwise have few opportunities: people who are too old or restricted in what they can do in reality. In VR, real appearance and ability cease to be barriers.”

The Price of Sexbots

For those who can afford the hefty price tag, human-like sexbots will be available for relationship-free romps as early as 2025. AI will allow users to tailor the personality and a customized AI can used in any robot. Pearson predicts, “A lot of people will still have reservations about sex with robots at first but gradually as they get used to them, as the AI and mechanical behavior and their feel improves, and they start to become friends with strong emotional bonds, that squeamishness will gradually evaporate.”

According to Dr. Pearson, sexbots will appeal to those who want the pleasure of sex without the emotional commitment of a real relationship. He claims that by 2050, more people will choose sex with robots over real partners.

Virtual sexy time does come with tangible risks. Opportunities for infidelity arise when couples have the ability to change the appearance of the person they are intimate with. Is it cheating if your partner changes your face to that of the hottie next door? How would you feel if your partner has sex with a robot while you’re at work? What if it’s just a virtual hookup with someone from a chat room? The definition of cheating will evolve, and ultimately couples will have to set boundaries and determine what constitutes cheating in their own relationship.

What Impact Will This Have?

As technology advances, the future of sex and its impact on human relationships remains to be seen. Dr. Pearson is hopeful: “VR and AI will together transform opportunities, allowing people safely and privately to explore their full desires. Social values will adapt to these new possibilities and subsequent behaviors, and loving relationships will remain important in spite of these shifts in values.

“If we can keep love and our emotional human relationships but have more, better and safer sex, what’s not to like?”


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