February movie preview: date night animation

February Movie Preview: Date Night Animation

As Valentine’s Day comes around, it’s the perfect opportunity to go out to dinner and then hit the theater with that special someone. What are you going to see? Well the two biggest February movies on the docket are animated titles directed toward children. There are some other releases that could fit your big date night….

Check out these last minute valentine’s day deals on thinkgeek!

Check out These Last Minute Valentine’s Day Deals on ThinkGeek!

All of you procrastinators still looking for the perfect gift to give that geeky someone in your life, look no further! Check out these items from ThinkGeek that you can still get by Valentine’s Day if you hurry! Even better, they’re all available at a discounted price! Plush Bouquets Flowers die. Adorable plush bouquets are forever!…

Sweeten up valentine’s day with some “geek”

Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day With Some “Geek”

Are you planning to cozy up this Valentine’s Day with a special someone who also happens to be a little nerdy? Think outside the box of chocolates this year, and do something a little different for your geek. Activities Geared Towards Geeks Take a Romantic Stroll Pokémon Go on a walk with your Valentine, and…

Valentine’s day geeky gift guide

Valentine’s Day Geeky Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift (or second gift, or third, or fourth…) for your sweetheart, then look no further! Here at Geek Insider, we have the geekiest gift guide this side of the galaxy. Whether you’ve been on one date or one hundred, there is a…

The geek friendly, valentine’s day 2014 viewer’s guide

The Geek Friendly, Valentine’s Day 2014 Viewer’s Guide

So it’s Valentine’s Day again. The annual love fest that brings about such fun activities as candlelight dinners, crowded movie theaters, throwing darts at a picture of your ex and posting sarcastic memes about how much you hate the day on Facebook. Does your February 14th fall somewhere in that range? It is quite a…

Fun, nerdy date ideas for valentine’s day 2014

Fun, Nerdy Date Ideas For Valentine’s Day 2014

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and with it comes both the anxiety of having to plan a romantic and memorable night with that special someone and the dread of having to find something to do by yourself. The fact that Valentine’s Day is on a Friday makes things slightly more intense. Oh, who…