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Valentine’s Day Geeky Gift Guide

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and if you’re still searching for the perfect gift (or second gift, or third, or fourth…) for your sweetheart, then look no further! Here at Geek Insider, we have the geekiest gift guide this side of the galaxy. Whether you’ve been on one date or one hundred, there is a gift to suit every relationship status and budget. Even if you find yourself single this Saturday, there are suggestions that would be great for a friend of family member.

For Her

If you’re hoping to impress the lady in your life, try one of these gifts! Ditch the cliché heart-shaped necklace or plain chocolate and consider these options instead…they’re sentimental with just the right touch of geekiness.

8-bit Rose: Red roses are the epitome of romance. This cute decoration will last forever and appeal to your date’s quirky side. If this is your first or second date, it’s a good stand-alone gift or can be paired with some chocolate. It can also be a nice edition to another, large gift if you’re in a relationship. Price: $9.99

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Necklace: A necklace is good for the couple that is majorly into each other but hasn’t necessarily been dating for a long time. This particular one is for the special gamer girl in your life, and would be paired well with the 8-bit rose! Price: $7.99

The One Ring Earrings: For a Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit (books or movies) lover, these earrings are a must. Earrings are a great gift for a serious relationship that hasn’t reached the point where a ring is an appropriatScreen shot 2015-02-06 at 10. 13. 18 pme gift. Price: $49.99

Star Trek Ring: In a long-term, committed relationship? A ring (of the wedding variety or otherwise) is a great choice if you know you’ve found the one. If your girl is a Trekkie, this ring will show how well you know her as well as give her a bit of bling. Price: $38.00

Personalized Spiderman Tote: Ok, so this isn’t a traditionally romantic gift, but it could be a cool bag into which other gifts can be put! If she’s a Spiderman fan, the personal touch will tell her that you know her well and that you think she’s amazing. Price: $88.00

For Him

Guys can be difficult to shop for. If you don’t want to be boring with your gift, consider one of these classic choices with a nerdy twist!

Marvel Bowtie: Bowties are a great go-to gift for relationships in any stage, and this bowtie in particular is marvelous. The artist who designs these bowties makes each one differently, so it will be unique just like your sweetheart! If he isn’t a bowtie wearer, then check out these regular ties. A tie or bowtie is a great gift for a younger relationship that isn’t too serious yet. Price: $22.95

Personalized glass gifts: If your gifts for men are meant to express love and you’re looking for a romantic gift, you can create your own personalized anniversary gifts or Valentine’s Day gifts for men with couples photos and a romantic template. And the gifts don’t have to be tacky. With the right customisation, you can easily create gifts for “real men” like for example a whisky glass with engraving. There is a huge selection of gifts for men – from personalised whisky glasses to glass decanters – you are sure to find the right gift for men to celebrate any occasion – from unique birthday presents or personal Christmas gifts all the way to Father’s Day gifts.

Batman Boxers: Boxers are another classic gift to give your boyfriend or husband. At this point, the two of you are at a more intimate level but not ready to pull out the big bucks yet. If he’s your knight in dark armor, then these boxers are the perfect pair. There are also a bunch of other options if he’s not a Batman fan. Price: $9.99-13.99

LoL Korean Hyper Train Ticket Watch: The geeky gamer man will love this League of Legends watch. It’s not too fancy, so he can wear it for any and all occasions, including a late night gaming marathon. Price: $64.50

I Love You/I Know Cufflinks: If your boyfriend is that perfect blend of classy and geeky and you’re both massive Star Wars lovers, then these cufflinks are the present for him! Price: $59.99


For Anyone

Regardless the gender of your significant other, or if you’re buying presents for a friend or family member, these gifts are perfect for any geek in your life!

Geek-Art Book: Books are cool. If you have a nerdy art fan in your life, then this book is super cool. It includes hundreds of graphic images for fans of Pokémon, Star Wars, Marvel, Mario, and tons more. Price: $40.00

Star Wars Cookbook: Know someone who would love to make Wookie Pies, Obi-Wan Tons, or Hideous Sidious Sorbet? You can’t go wrong with this cookbook. IT even comes with Star Wars themed cookie cutters! The book includes 30 recipes. Plus, if this is for a significant other, it has a built-in date idea—you can bake together! Price: $17.81

F034_tetris_stackable_led_desk_lamp“My Heart Belongs to a Trekkie” Sweatshirt: Allow your sweetie declare their love for you and all your nerdiness! The sweatshirt is a comfy, warm option for these cold winter months, but the design also comes in all kinds of shirts and tanks. To be extra cute, get one for yourself so you can wear them together! Price: $42.50

Tetris Stackable Desk Lamp: This seven-piece LED lamp is creative and quirky. It’s ideal for a lover of the Internet and addictive games. Make one large fixture, a couple smaller ones, or split them all up—the possibilities are limited only by your imagination. It’s sure to be a conversation piece in any home. Price: $39.99

Happy Geeky Valentine’s Day!

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