Valentine's day gifts for geeks

Let Us Help You Find the Perfect Gift For Your Fandom Obsessed Valentine

Valentine’s Day will be here soon, and maybe that doesn’t mean that much to you. But there’s a good chance that, if you’re reading this, there’s a special someone in your life who’s going to be expecting a gift of some sort. And trust me—this is not a holiday you want to forget. If you do, I can guarantee that your partner has several unique and effective ways of helping you remember (none of which are pleasant).

(Not that I speak from personal experience. I always remember special occasions, because I love my wife dearly, and she’s one of the sweetest people I know. But she’s also a redhead, and I’m not really sure what she’s capable of. And I don’t plan on finding out.)

And sure—you can always take the traditional route. Get dressed up, have a nice dinner, maybe throw in some nice flowers and/or a box of chocolates, and you’re all set. Nothing wrong with that.

But why be traditional when you don’t have to be? As far as what to do, we’ve done the “nice dinner” thing, and that’s fine. But we’ve also toured a special “crimes of passion” Valentine-themed exhibit at the International Spy Museum while handcuffed to each other. And one year we had a surprisingly elegant Valentine’s Day dinner at the Virginia Zoo while learning all about how the different animal species, um, “celebrate their love” for one another. Weird? Probably. Boring and traditional? No. Fun? Absolutely.

And the gifts don’t have to be boring, either. In fact, our friends at have some gifts that are perfect for people like us who want to celebrate a holiday for grown-up relationships but don’t want to have to act like a grown-up while doing it.

The Good: The Princess Bride Lightweight Fleece Blanket

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If the love of your life still swoons over Westley the farm boy or fondly remembers Robin Wright before she and her husband destroyed democracy forever, then this is the blanket for you. I actually use the term “blanket” loosely because it’s pretty thin. So it may not keep you all that warm if the temperature drops too far. But since it’s billed as “lightweight,” I won’t hold that against it. It would probably be the perfect blanket for outdoor picnics or concert viewing. I could also see this making a nice wall hanging.

The Better: Harry Potter Adult Robe Costume Comfy Throw

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, let us help you find the perfect gift for your fandom obsessed valentine, comics

If you share your life with a wizard (or wizard wannabe) who likes to wave their magic wand (or maybe just the remote) while staying warm, this is a great option.

It comes in a version for all four Hogwarts houses, so you can show your loyalty to your fellow wizards while binge-watching the Harry Potter movie collection (or anything else, for that matter). The only design drawback is that the “collar” comes up a little high, so you either have to let it bunch up around your neck or just cover your face with it. Although, on a really cold day, I could see that as a plus—keeping your neck and/or face warm might be just what you need.

This is another one I’d really recommend for the wizard in your life. And get one for yourself, too.

The Best: Star Wars “I Love You” Han and Leia Mugs

Geek insider, geekinsider, geekinsider. Com,, let us help you find the perfect gift for your fandom obsessed valentine, comics

Although you can’t go wrong with the other two items, this set would be my personal favorite if I had to choose. For one thing, it’s Star Wars, which is enough for me right there. But these are also great because, unlike blankets and throws, mugs serve a year-round function. You drink coffee in July just like you do in February, right? Okay, maybe not—but my wife and I do drink hot coffee year-round (and we’ve already established the fact that we’re a little on the weird side).

And they’re great mugs, too. They’re a good size, and they have a nice, solid (but not too heavy) feel to them. And they’re easy to drink out of. They do get pretty hot depending on your beverage temperature, so you definitely have to be careful picking them up or holding by the body rather than the handle. Oh, and there’s metal in the design, so no microwaving or machine dishwashing allowed.

But those are just minor negatives that are outweighed by the overall functionality as well as the cool-yet-elegant design. The mugs commemorate one of the most touching and iconic scenes in the Star Wars series, but they would still look great to anyone who’s been living on Tatooine for the last forty years and doesn’t recognize the quotes. They look like they should cost a lot more than what they actually do, which means you can either save them for special occasions or put them into your regular coffee or tea-cup rotation.

So there you have it—three really interesting Valentine’s Day gift ideas that are a little on the quirky side. You can order them all from our friends at If for some crazy reason Harry Potter and Star Wars is less your speed, they also have items like the Fortnite V-Day skin Pops, a heart-shaped Pokeball purse, and even some adorable Pusheen accessories for the pop culture lover in your life. Whatever you choose, all of us here at Geek Insider wish you and that special someone in your life a wonderful, non-traditional, incredibly fun Valentine’s Day!

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