Sweeten Up Valentine’s Day With Some “Geek”

Geeky valentine

Are you planning to cozy up this Valentine’s Day with a special someone who also happens to be a little nerdy? Think outside the box of chocolates this year, and do something a little different for your geek.

Activities Geared Towards Geeks

Take a Romantic Stroll


Pokémon Go on a walk with your Valentine, and don’t be afraid to pull out your smartphone. There’s an abundance of pink Pokémon about to set the mood for your romantic stroll around town. Plus, you get double the candy each time you catch, hatch, or transfer a Pokémon. How sweet!

Do a Craft


Pull up some DIY instructions and hit your local craft store. Origami is a fun and challenging project to work on that requires very little materials. Pick out something that suits your particular geeky taste to work on together. Or, if you’re the competitive type, duke it out to see which of you earns the title “Mad Folding Skills.”

 Or get a little more creative, and build your own terrarium. 


If you’re a geek, you probably have some collectibles or figurines lying around. This is the perfect way to give them a sense of purpose. What’s even better about these terrariums is they can double as a beautiful gift for your partner. 

Have a TV/Movie Marathon


No one said your Valentine’s day activities need to be active. Be yourself and pop in your favorite movie or TV series. If you want to do a little something extra, you can look up some recipes and make an amazing dish to go along with your flicks. Whip up some lemon cakes to enjoy with Sansa Stark while watching Game of Thrones. Or if you’re feeling brave try out fish fingers and custard while binging on Doctor Who

Gifts From the Heart for the Geek at Heart

Go Old School


No need to spend a bunch of money to give your special geek the perfect gift. Give one from the heart with an old-fashioned valentine. You can create them yourself to really show them you care. Let your friends in on the fun and make some to hand out to them, too.

Create a Photostrip


Put memories on paper and create a photostrip using some of your favorite photos as a couple. It’s as easy as downloading an app on your phone, creating the strips, and printing them out. Insta Booth is a free app that you can use to do just that. 

Make a Coupon Book


Sure, it’s a little cheesy, but a coupon book oriented towards your geek’s favorite activities might be right up their alley. If you have a manga enthusiast on your hands, write-up a coupon for a “Free foot rub while you read your next Naruto volume.” Or maybe your Game of Thrones fan would appreciate “Share a bottle of Dornish red with the next new GOT episode.” Sure Dornish wine may not actually exist, but it’s your coupon book and feel free to use your imagination!

Geeks Flying Solo 

Online Gaming


If you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day this year, you still don’t have to spend it alone. Get online and join fellow geeks for some multiplayer gaming action. You may even find some specials online like the “Bloody Valentine” camo for Call of Duty: Black Ops III that’s pictured above. It can be unlocked until February 16 and will be yours to keep. It features dripping blood that even gets on your weapons. How romantic…

Pamper Your Pet


Who says your Valentines date has to be human? Spend Valentine’s day with the furry companion who happily sits through your every TV episode or manga volume and has tolerated every goofy outfit you’ve put on them. Take them out for their favorite activity. Who knows? Maybe you’ll meet a human companion that way. If you don’t have a fur-baby, it’s no better time to visit a shelter and rescue one!

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