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Check out These Last Minute Valentine’s Day Deals on ThinkGeek!

by Amanda Straight

All of you procrastinators still looking for the perfect gift to give that geeky someone in your life, look no further! Check out these items from ThinkGeek that you can still get by Valentine’s Day if you hurry! Even better, they’re all available at a discounted price!

Plush Bouquets

Flowers die. Adorable plush bouquets are forever! With all the options, you’re bound to find a bouquet to satisfy anyone from bookworms to Star Wars fanatics.

Solar Orbit Necklace

Forget the pearls, and get a Solar orbit necklace for your sweetheart, instead. It’s not just a unique and eye-catching alternative to typical jewelry. This elaborate necklace features all the planets, the Sun, our moon, and the asteroid belt from our solar system. There’s also a Star Wars Galactic version of this necklace if that’s more up your sweetie’s alley.

Mario Kart LED Bracelet

Here’s another piece of jewelry for the special geek in your life. This MarioKart bracelet has its own kind of sparkle with LED lights that are charged via a USB cable. If you’re worried you won’t be able to stop staring at the sparkly spectacle of Mario and company racing down Rainbow Road, don’t be. There’s an off switch.

R2-D2 App-Enabled Droid

Every Star Wars fan has contemplated having their very own droid. This app-enabled R2-D2 is perfect if your special someone fits that description. Using their smart phone, they’ll be able to guide R2-D2 or they can just let him do his own thing. It even has voice recognition and an adaptive personality!

Zelda Boxer Briefs

Trade out the undies with hearts on them this year. These Zelda boxer briefs might suit him more. Or if you’re looking for her, you can check out this Batman set on ThinkGeek.

Joker Never-Ending Valentine

If you’re the kind of couple that enjoys a good prank, then this valentine is for you. Upon opening it, it will make “kissing” sounds that will play for hours. If your victim tries to stop it by pressing buttons, it will only get louder. Do yourself a favor, and don’t stick around for them to open it.

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