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The Best Audio Accessories for the Modern-Day Geek

Music, famous for soothing even the most ferocious of beasts, has undergone a huge transformation over the past decade. This transformation is not only limited to what people listen to, but also how they listen to it. As the mobile music landscape expands, more and more geeky music fans are finding themselves seeking out the best music tech there is to enhance their audio experiences. There are dozens of devices that play music ranging from smartphones and tablets to old-school mp3 players, PC’s and laptops.

While many are delving deep into the various facets of music, looking to experiment with turntables that make the Kenwoods and Pioneers from yesteryears seems like props in a historical movie, many more are seeking nothing more than a pleasurable listening experience. If you want to listen to your preferred tracks loud and clear, there are a number of high-tech and ever-evolving audio accessories available and you will be doing yourself a huge disservice if you don’t invest in at least one to boost your audio experience.

Portable speakers

Portable speakers are by far one of the best audio inventions ever. Portable speakers either plug into your device’s earphone jack or connect to it via Bluetooth. The key to portable speakers is that you have to invest in a good set or you will end up being frustrated with the distorted, tinny sound omitted by a cheaper option. Opt for speakers that allow you to adjust the bass, treble and noise levels, leaving you with a full-bodied, rich sound. Any self-proclaimed geek will love the versatility of portable speakers as they can be paired equally well with a mobile phone, tablet or computer. These speakers come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from cubes to Star Wars characters and boast various price tags to fit any pocket.

A versatile docking station

Docking stations are absolute must-haves if you have a mobile device – and which geek doesn’t. Docking stations are different from portable speakers as most of them are able to charge your device while acting as speakers, amplifying everything from your movies and music to your audiobooks. Once again your best option is to choose something that is versatile such as a docking station that can use batteries as well as an electrical power source, enabling you to set up and listen to your music regardless of where you are.

Noise-elimination headphones

You get headphones, and then you get great headphones, with every geeky music lover knowing that they weren’t created. One thing you don’t want when listening to music is to have it compete with street noise, loud voices, traffic, crowds or anything else that can disrupt the beautiful sounds that soothe or excite you. Noise-elimination headphones are ideal for use on planes, commuting via public transport or even in your own room if you have noisy housemates. They keep all distractions at bay and allow you to focus solely on the music instead of straining to hear your fave lyrics or guitar riffs.

Whether you buy it for yourself or add it to a birthday or Christmas wish-list, make sure you get your hands on some nifty audio-related accessories that are bound to significantly boost your music listening experience. Don’t become frantic in thinking you need to make all the purchases on the same day, you don’t. By acquiring one piece of technology at a time you will soon be kitted out with everything to make every time you listen to music a memorable occasion.

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