Astranis is making easy internet access the norm around the world

Astranis is Making Easy Internet Access the Norm Around the World

Four billion people around the world are living without any internet. Astranis is working to rectify this situation by building a new generation of internet satellites.  The firm sees that there is exponential growth within the market of bandwidth demand and sees a very lucrative opportunity that is present in solving this issue. The idea…

What is lowkey. Gg?

What is describes itself as “high-quality e-sports for amateurs.” The company has three main goals:  Real social esports The idea is to strengthen relationships with popular games, allowing people to participate in organized gaming with real people. This social aspect is critical as it will enable the company to bring about connections to real people instead…

Technology and communication

Technology and Communication

It is now two decades since the dotcom boom of the late ’90s. Our lives have changed in many different ways while staying the same in other ways.   The critical way that technology has changed our lives, in my view, is through communication. How? Let’s find out. Communication Communication is probably top on my list…

Sophia the robot: a giant leap forward for ai or all smoke & mirrors?

Sophia the Robot: A Giant Leap Forward for AI or All Smoke & Mirrors?

Just about every time you turn around lately, Sophia the robot is making an appearance. Whether it be on TV’s The Daily Show or the cover of the March edition of Cosmopolitan India, Hanson Robotics’ covergirl is about to officially turn 3 years old and her popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down at all….

Sony’s playstation vr headset to be released this fall

Sony’s PlayStation VR Headset to Be Released This Fall

It’s been 2 years since Sony’s PlayStation VR was announced at GDC 2014. Other VR headsets like the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift require a high-end gaming system to operate it. Sony’s PlayStation VR generated a lot of excitement because it’s powered by the PlayStation 4. Now they finally have a release date and more…

Tech + fashion collide with coach’s rumored apple watch

Tech + Fashion Collide with Coach’s Rumored Apple Watch

Could Coach be the next possible high-end brand to work with Apple? There’s a good chance they could be. There have been plenty of brands making watchbands for the Apple Watch but a new luxury brand is rumored to do the same. Coach’s Possible Plans for Watchband Design Apple Insider recently announced that Coach plans…