What is Lowkey.gg?

Lowkey. Gg

Lowkey.gg describes itself as “high-quality e-sports for amateurs.”

The company has three main goals: 

  • Real social esports

The idea is to strengthen relationships with popular games, allowing people to participate in organized gaming with real people. This social aspect is critical as it will enable the company to bring about connections to real people instead of usernames.

  • For All Levels

No one wants to be a “noob” or a newbie in gaming. They don’t want to be known as the person who will likely let the team down and increase the likelihood of losses. Lowkey.gg allows players of all skill levels to participate in their favorite games according to their skill level. This aspect is essential because it will enable them to feel comfortable and stick around for longer.

The idea is to attract players at all skill levels and then challenge them appropriately to keep players active. Lowkey.gg notes “everyone inputs info into a player profile & teams are largely based around meaningful real-life groups, like high school students, company employees, cities, etc.”

  • Industry-Grade Tech

Players will find everything in one platform, from Discord bots to setting up a profile and finding teammates.

Lowkey.gg and Esports

The rise of Lowkey shouldn’t surprise you. Remember that e-sports is something that has been on an upward trajectory for quite some time now. The notion is true across all demographics.

A lot of people assume that once you are an adult, you can’t enjoy competitive digital gaming like you used to. This notion is present due to a variety of reasons. One reason is quite likely because you either don’t have enough time or because of the idea that adults don’t play videogames. 

While the former may be true, the latter reason is quickly dying. Adults are significant videogame purchasers, and not just for their children or nieces and nephews, but for themselves as well.

 Lowkey.gg offers you everything you want as a competitive gamer and plays one critical role in your life, helping you find other people to play with when you want to play games online.

The Lowkey.GG Model

 The model is unique. To play, you have to make teams such as you would for company sports events. 

It is already hard to find like-minded or old enough gamers to have a game with, especially when most people only get a couple of hours to themselves after coming home from work. 

Lowkey.gg wants to make sure that you have a job before you start playing on its platform.

How to Play on Lowkey.GG

To play the game, you have to register an account and pay a $39 fee to begin. Players must also fork over $13 monthly. 

Sign up, create your team, or get connected with a group. Most are likely to opt for the latter to simplify their experience.

 The gaming algorithm matches people with similar “alma mater, job, and even location” attributes, according to Techcrunch. But these are just a few of the things that it takes into account before making a match. 

The idea is that the more similar they are, the more likely that they can connect and play in a wholesome and respectful way.

 Lowkey.gg Growth

The firm has players from several technology corporations such as Google and Twitch. The firm was a part of YC, a technology company incubator, and would evolve to become what it is today. The company is just getting started and will deploy more support for games over time.

Questions on Lowkey.GG

Would you pay a fee to begin and pay a subscription fee to connect and play online games with others? Why or why not?

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