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What’s So Special About 02022020?

It’s February 2, 2020 and the internet is losing their mind with fun things about the date and making it special.

Let’s take a look.

02022020 in Numerology

If you’re into numerology then you know that 0202 is an Angel Number. This symbolizes new beginnings or a fresh start. It also prompts honesty, especially in difficult situations. Some might say, 0202 recognizes the duality of any situation. Listen to your intuition. If you happen to be born on 0202, chances are you’re a dreamer.

In love, 2020 symbolizes careful consideration, faith and trust in relationships. It also symbolizes that your Guardian Angels are guiding you to achieve your life’s goals. If the numbers 2020 keep popping up in places beyond your calendar, it might be a foreshadowing of affection, appreciation and luck.

Geek insider, 02022020 facts, occult, folklore, astrology, myth, palindrome, merej99, meredith loughran02022020 = 8

Some people may want to interpret this day using the number 8. How did we get to that?

0+2+0+2+2+0+2+0 = 8

In numerology, the number 8 indicates assertion, determination, and responsibility. Turned on its side and it becomes the infinity symbol. In astrology, the number 8 often refers to Saturn, the planet of karma, practicality and resilience.


02022020 the Palindrome

The number is the same written forward or backward! Many people believe that the palindrome is powerful and a good omen. Not limited to numbers, palindromes can be names like Hannah/Anna, Eve, Bob, and Robert Trebor. I know one band off the top of my head that is a palindrome: ABBA.

But let’s look at 0202 | 2020 the mirror image.

In the occult and folklore, mirrors are a portal from which demons and ghosts can travel in to the physical world. They are also used as a tool to see into the future. Thinking about the Angel Numbers, deep reflection to plan the new direction seems like good practice.


02022020 in Geek Numbers

I might be stretching this one a bit, but I couldn’t help myself. Back in the day when computers used punch cards and binary was the programming language of the land, everything was in 1’s and 0’s. So I converted the 2’s to 1’s.

02022020 👉 01011010  = Z
in the binary alphabet

The Letter Z

Geek insider, what's so special about 02022020, palindrome, occult, astrology, numerology, merej99, meredith loughranInterestingly enough, Z marks endings but equally marks the beginning of new things, which stays in line with the Angel Number. It’s also a sacred letter. ‘Z’ in Hebrew is “Zayin“, which translates to weapon or sword. Diving deeper, the root of Zayin is zan, which means food.

You might be thinking, how does sword and food work together?

In the spiritual sense, the Hebrew translation is to war against the negative and nourish one’s soul.

For many, the Z is like a lightning bolt; powerful, forceful energy.


Did you know that 02022020 is the first time since September 30, 2009 (09302009) that the number 1 has not appeared in the date? Something to chalk up for useless information when you’re trying to impress your friends as you suck down beers and chicken wings at your Super Bowl party.

Yes, geeks watch football too. As we end the 100th season of the NFL, it’s going to be a Super Bowl LIV battle between the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs tonight. Since Joe Montana is my favorite player, I win no matter what.

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