Betfilter Review: #1 Tool to Block Gaming Sites

There is nothing more exciting than winning a huge chunk of money with your favorite team at the bookies. If we lose it’s no big deal, we did it to spice up the match. However, if we feel the urge to gamble on each match and possible sport to feel a rush of adrenaline we got a problem and is called gambling addiction. People under this kind of compulsive behavior are capable to put in risk their families, employment, and even themselves if with that they are able to feed their urges.

Accepting the problem is just a part of the equation for recovery. For those who are willing to make a change, the best solution is to put a wall between them and gambling. But with the almost god-like presence of connectivity around, it is a real challenge to keep at bay the triggers that can initiate a downward chain reaction. Fortunately for gambling addicts in recovery and their loved ones, you can play at casinos that use Paysafecard to keep your life and economy into the right track.

How does Betfilter Work?

Betfilter is a mobile and desktop app that like its name suggests filters and restricts access to online gambling at non UK casino or licensed British operators in any device during the solicited license period (1-2 years), allowing compulsive gamblers in recovery to block any possible temptations from their healing, and still be capable to recover their normal life.

The app works by blocking any possible access to gambling sites listed in their huge database and only to them. This means that if you are looking for more information about “gambling recovery” it won’t restrict access to that content, because of the word “gambling”, contrary to other apps that rely on keywords. And if you think that changing your DNS settings will break the security it won’t help too.  

In fact, to remove the app you will need a security password provided by Betfilters’ support team, at least after its request. This allows us to cool down any urge that we might have. In the case that someone tries desperately to manually uninstall Betfilter this will only lead to a huge amount of wasted time and an unstable device.

Betfilter is not only intended for gamblers in trouble, but also for kids who are unaware of the serious risks of gambling compulsion. Betfilter works on Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS, once you and with a 10-year experience helping gamblers to cope with their problems is an excellent choice to consider if you want to take the next step into total recovery for you or a beloved one.

Pros of Betfilter

  • Price. Betfilter’s year license cost you $69.95 for 1 year period and $118.90 for the 2 year license. Considering the benefits you get virtually protected for just $5.83 a month.
  • Simple and easy installation. Betfilter can be installed by anyone and the process will take only a couple of minutes.
  • Only relevant blocking. Betfilter doesn’t rely on keywords or DNS blocking to be effective, Betfilter will ONLY block and stop gambling sites and applications that can harm you.
  • 100% discretion. You won’t even notice it around. Contrary to your regular antivirus, Befilter will not tear your ears with buzzing alerts or fill your screen with pop-ups messages.
  • No unauthorized uninstallation. During the license period you will not be able to uninstall Betfilter. And being too crafty in order to uninstall it puts you in the risk to end with a hard brick device.

Cons of Betfilter

  • Apps with built-in browsers must be removed. Although Betfilter constantly updates its list of gambling sites and apps, links opened from third party software with built-in browsers (like Gmail) will trespass the restriction making it a latent risk, only avoided by the users ‘will power, or simply deleting all related apps.

 How can I Get It?

It’s very easy.  Just go to, create an account, and once with a username and password, select the license period, payment method and proceed to checkout. If your credit card is restricted you can pay with PayPal too. 

Once payment is processed you are allowed to download the app. The installation will take a couple of clicks and you all done. More than a blocker for online gambling, Betfilter is there to help you honor your commitment to recovery.

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  1. So a person should have will power or delete gmail, etc? What good is that?