The subjects: the best ‘superhero’ movie you’ve probably never seen

The Subjects: The Best ‘Superhero’ Movie You’ve Probably Never Seen

It doesn’t have the big budget of The Avengers or The Dark Knight and there aren’t any Earth-hating Gods or aliens, but 2015’s The Subjects does bring a unique angle to the question “what superpower would you want to have?”  When seven people – oh wait… 8 people (ya gotta watch that Phil fellow) – show up…

The new sci-fi: recent films are changing our understanding of science…forever

The New Sci-Fi: Recent Films Are Changing Our Understanding of Science…Forever

Do you remember the opening of 1998’s Lost in Space? No? That’s all right. It’s not very good. The narrator begins with a booming narration while the camera zooms across CGI vistas of a space port above earth. The narrator explains the score – the earth is short on resources, and now we’re building a…

‘interstellar’ review: a cosmic voyage of epic proportions

‘Interstellar’ Review: A Cosmic Voyage of Epic Proportions

Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar has been out for a long time now, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the opportunity to see it until just this past month. After I finally saw it, I couldn’t stop thinking about it for days afterward. I watched it again, and I’m still fascinated by it. It’s a smart movie, and one of…

The newest addition to a pantheon of sentient robot films: chappie

The Newest Addition To A Pantheon Of Sentient Robot Films: CHAPPiE

Robots, Aliens, and Mullets, Oh My! I recall my jaw dropping the moment the trailer for District 9 (2009) hit about its midway point and revealed that a race of aliens were going to be the main plot point of a film that I, moments prior, thought was going to be about some boring contemporary social issue….

Jupiter ascending – the good kind of bad or the bad kind of bad?

Jupiter Ascending – The Good Kind Of Bad Or The Bad Kind of Bad?

Whether you care to see the Wachowski’s latest science fiction space opera Jupiter Ascending or not, it may be increasingly more and more difficult to ignore the buzz it’s been getting lately. Why is the film getting so much press? Well, one thing’s for sure – it’s a pretty weird film. But the word “weird”…

Tomek baginski’s staggeringly ambitious plan: ambition

Tomek Baginski’s Staggeringly Ambitious Plan: Ambition

Adapt and survive; the theme surrounding director, Tomek Baginski’s newest sci-fi film, Ambition. But what do we really know about it? I have scoured the internet all week hoping to find something, anything about this film. I managed to find out it was premiering as part of the BFI’s sci-fi week, but not even on their…