Is clearview  making you nervous?

Is Clearview Making You Nervous?

Technology is exciting. But there are some costs to technological advances, and one clear one is to our privacy. Read this for a primer on the privacy concerns surrounding Clearview’s facial recognition tech.

Your guide to smart device security privacy

Your Guide to Smart Device Security Privacy

Smart technology and smart devices are increasingly becoming essential tools in our daily lives. It’s estimated that about 35% of households in the U.S. had at least one smart speaker and that this would increase to 75% by 2025. In 2020 there are about 20.4 billion (with a “b”) smart devices connected to the internet…

Ring employees are watching you for fun

Ring Employees Are Watching You For Fun

You know how people always talk about how you shouldn’t worry about privacy if you have nothing to hide? I always thought that was idiotic logic. There’s always externalities to watch out for, not to mention slippery slopes in embracing technologies or behaviors and practices that erode valuable aspects of our lives. Thinking about privacy…

Yahoo to recommend apps based on scanned emails

Yahoo to Recommend Apps Based on Scanned Emails

According to Business Insider, Yahoo wants to start giving you app recommendations based on the content of the emails you receive. Essentially, the algorithm that Yahoo is working on will scan emails for digital receipts from the App Store and the Google Play store, exact what apps you purchased, then produce a line up of similar apps…

The nsa wants your selfies

The NSA Wants Your Selfies

On June 2nd, Apple announced it would be updating it’s iMessage feature to allow users to send self-destructing videos, pictures, and audio messages, a clear attempt to share the limelight media-sharing app Snapchat has continued to bask in. Does this bode bad news for Snapchat? Maybe. But for those with concerns about how much and what…

Fighting back: organizations combat domestic nsa overreach

Fighting Back: Organizations Combat Domestic NSA Overreach

Upon learning last year about how the NSA’s PRISM program had been recording and storing huge amounts of personal information, the internet community’s hackles were decidedly trending upward. The general consensus was that something had gone seriously awry—that questionable judgment calls had been made somewhere up the chain of command—but no one was really sure…

First arrest captured on google glass

First Arrest Captured on Google Glass

Google Glass user Chris Barrett has recorded what seems to be the first arrest filmed using the augmented reality glasses. [youtube] [youtube] Chris is an independent film-maker, and founder of PRserve, a “PR for startups”. He was walking down Wildwood, New Jersey on July 4, where he happened to spot a brawl, and the…

Facebook security bug affected 6 million users

Facebook Security Bug Affected 6 Million Users

A security bug in Facebook allowed access to user’s personal information (contact numbers and email) to other users connected to them, and is said to have affected 6 million accounts. The bug, said to have been active since last year, and lay undiscovered until now. However, it was fixed within a day of discovery. The…

Yahoo shutting down mail classic, will read your mails now

Yahoo Shutting Down Mail Classic, Will Read Your Mails Now

Starting today, Yahoo Mail as you knew it will no longer exist. Yahoo Mail Classic, that is. If you use Yahoo Mail, you now need to switch to the new version of Mail if you plan to continue using it. Take it or leave it. New Terms of Service – Mail Monitoring But that’s not…

Google may introduce a guest mode for android

Google May Introduce a Guest Mode for Android

Google is taking your privacy seriously. At least, that’s what Sundai Pichai would like to have you believe. The tech giant could add some more privacy features to its Android OS, including the ability to log in via a Guest Mode in future versions of Android. In conversation with AllThingsD’s Walt Mossberg, at the D11…