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How to make cool gmail signatures right from google drive

How to Make Cool Gmail Signatures Right from Google Drive

With Google Drive, you have all the tools to add beautiful signatures to Gmail. Modern email signature means more than the typical goodbye salute. Google Drives enables you to create an appealing Gmail signature that will make email recipients retract their intent to send it to the trash. Email signatures have become more like business…

Geeking out over gmail

Geeking Out Over Gmail

The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Business No matter how big, small, old school, or cutting-edge your business is, email campaigns are probably still the bread and butter of your marketing strategy. After all, sending beautiful, personalized emails has never been easier, and it’s a great way to nudge undecided customers towards conversion….

What’s hot and what’s not about gmail’s new “unsubscribe” link

What’s Hot and What’s Not About Gmail’s New “Unsubscribe” Link

Rejoice, fellow humans on the internet! After what seems like an inordinately extended period of time, Google has finally announced that their excellent team is ready to roll out Gmail’s new “Unsubscribe” link feature. The news went out on Wednesday and states that this link, which will appear on the top of suspected spam messages, will make it twice as…

Judge gives the go ahead to search entire gmail account

Judge Gives The Go Ahead To Search Entire Gmail Account

So long privacy, it’s been nice knowing you. Judge Gabriel Gorenstein of the southern district of New York, recently approved a search warrant in a money laundering investigation, which would give the government full access to a suspect’s gmail account. Where do we draw the line? The Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect individuals from…

Google dropping ads into gmail inbox

Google Dropping Ads Into Gmail Inbox

Dire news everyone, soon you’ll be receiving ads directly in your Gmail inbox. What do you mean you already get that and just call it spam? Then why does this seem to be such a big deal? Google Deposits Ads Directly Into In-Boxes That’s right everyone, Google has begun depositing ads directly into peoples Gmail…

Yahoo shutting down mail classic, will read your mails now

Yahoo Shutting Down Mail Classic, Will Read Your Mails Now

Starting today, Yahoo Mail as you knew it will no longer exist. Yahoo Mail Classic, that is. If you use Yahoo Mail, you now need to switch to the new version of Mail if you plan to continue using it. Take it or leave it. New Terms of Service – Mail Monitoring But that’s not…

Google babel source code leaked in gmail

Google Babel source code leaked in Gmail

Google Babel has leaked (yet) again. Source code from the soon to be released unified messaging service offering from Google has been spotted in Gmail. Google Babel aims to consolidate all your conversations with your contacts into one place, in order to let you access them from any place – Google+, Gmail, Android, without losing…

Google updates gmail for all mobile web users

Google Updates Gmail For All Mobile Web Users

Google continues to their “spring cleaning” and updates their mobile web Gmail service, renovating the site with a new, attractive look. The new user interface has a better look then the actual application in my opinion. There are a few minor improvements that make the navigation more functional and user friendly. The mobile email update…