Google Updates Gmail For All Mobile Web Users

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Google continues to their “spring cleaning” and updates their mobile web Gmail service, renovating the site with a new, attractive look. The new user interface has a better look then the actual application in my opinion. There are a few minor improvements that make the navigation more functional and user friendly.

The mobile email update also brings other Google services into play, as you can see the integrated Google Calendar, Google +, and search predictions based off of personal preferences. As iPhone users may know, the Gmail application debuted on iOS a few months back and that success has been proven on both platforms for Android and iOS running devices.

Changing the Game

I may begin to use my web browser to access my Gmail rather than the application, that’s how much I like the update. For all Android, Blackberry, and Tablet users, you can head over to and take a peek at the update and surf your email just to get familiar with the improvements.

It is pretty clear that the new web email from Google looks fairly familiar to the iOS app. Very, very familiar. Gmail also released the offline app for Google Chrome which can come in handy and, you guessed it, looks pretty much like the Gmail mobile web update. This chrome update includes little features as well- for example, avatar pictures show in Gmail messages, multiple account sign-in which is pretty easy to manage, and direct comments on Google+ from the app. Google definitely paid attention to the little things and integrated the satisfying components that their customers notice and care for. Keeping everything connected was also an objective which they can continue to achieve with the offline app for Google chrome along with the mobile web updates.

We will continue to keep you updated on the continuing of Google’s spring cleaning. It is an ongoing process so bear with us, but we have a feeling that Google is about to set some interesting changes in motion.