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Dropbox revamp: more storage, more security

Dropbox Revamp: More Storage, More Security

Whether we like it or not, we have become a society that is always connected; always creating, consuming, and sharing media. Our dependence on media, and the rate at which technology improves our media (e.g. moving from DVDs to Blu-ray, higher quality audio, more megapixels in cameras), means we need more storage to keep up…

Robots replace human bartenders on cruise line

Robots Replace Human Bartenders on Cruise Line

Picture this: You are on vacation, on a cruise ship. You walk up to the bar for a drink, but instead of being greeted by a smiling bartender, you have your drink prepared by a robot. Well one particular cruise line is planning on making this a reality. The Future of Cruise Lines? Royal Caribbean…

‘internet of things’ devices: powered by wi-fi

‘Internet of Things’ Devices: Powered by Wi-Fi

We all know that Wi-Fi is pretty ubiquitous. You use it at home, in coffee shops, certain fast food joints, hotels, the list goes on and on. Now imagine a device that foregoes having a battery, and is instead powered by Wi-Fi. Sounds pretty fantastic, right? Well the technology is still in its infancy, but…

Elon musk: ai potentially more dangerous than nukes

Elon Musk: AI Potentially More Dangerous Than Nukes

Artificial Intelligence takes over the world and exterminates or condemns the remnants of humanity to living in subterranean slums. Sound familiar? It’s just the premise for several Sci-Fi movies out there. Or is it? Over the weekend Tesla CEO, Elon Musk tweeted: “We need to be super careful with AI. Potentially more dangerous than nukes.”…

The future of hotels: an all-in-one app?

The Future of Hotels: An All-In-One App?

If I had a dollar for every time I locked myself out of a hotel room, or lost an electronic key card, I would be driving around in a Tesla Model S, just not very fast. The folks at Hilton Worldwide want to make lost key cards a thing of the past, by introducing a…

The next iphone: 4. 7 vs 5. 5

The Next iPhone: 4.7 vs 5.5

Fans of Apple hardware are eagerly awaiting the announcement of the next iteration of the iPhone. The rumor mill is always abuzz leading up to the announcement, and this year is no different. One of the most requested design changes (an increase in screen size), is almost a guarantee this year. The new iPhone is…

Judge gives the go ahead to search entire gmail account

Judge Gives The Go Ahead To Search Entire Gmail Account

So long privacy, it’s been nice knowing you. Judge Gabriel Gorenstein of the southern district of New York, recently approved a search warrant in a money laundering investigation, which would give the government full access to a suspect’s gmail account. Where do we draw the line? The Fourth Amendment is supposed to protect individuals from…

Captain america is now african american

Captain America Is Now African American

Coming off the heels of the announcement that the new Thor will be female, Marvel has made another change to one of Marvel’s big three (Thor, Captain America, and Iron-Man); namely, Captain America will be black. The New Captain America Sam Wilson, otherwise known as the Falcon, will be taking over the mantle of Captain…

Japanese artist arrested for emailing 3d models of her vagina

Japanese Artist Arrested for Emailing 3D Models of her Vagina

The land of the rising sun is known for many things. Feudal Japan introduced the rest of the world to the Samurai. While sushi didn’t originate there, contemporary sushi is a well known Japanese culinary delight. The various artists of Japan, introduced the western world to manga and anime, which remain popular throughout the world….

First tesla model s accidents claim lives

First Tesla Model S Accidents Claim Lives

Tesla’s Model S Electric vehicle has received rave reviews for safety. However, there has been lingering worry that the battery that powers the electric vehicle, could catch on fire.  On July 4th the world witnessed its first Tesla Model S accident that led to a fatality. The First Deaths from a Model S Joshua Michael…

Abandoning ios for android: nexus 5

Abandoning iOS for Android: Nexus 5

Android and iOS. You may love them, you may hate them, but there is no question, these are the two juggernauts of the mobile operating system landscape. Being a long time iPhone user (I’ve owned every iPhone since the first generation, all the way to the iPhone 5), I have often been tempted by the…

Microsoft surface pro 3 vs lenovo yoga 2 pro vs macbook air

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 vs Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro vs Macbook Air

Microsoft has been making steady improvements to its Surface line with each iteration of the device. In its latest version, the Surface pro 3, Microsoft manages to blur the line between laptop and tablet even further. The question is, will the design, portability, and ecosystem of the device, be enough to sway consumers from buying well…