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The week in geek entertainment news 1/25/2019 – links

The Week in Geek Entertainment News 1/25/2019 – Links

All the important geek news from this week rounded up in one place. Leslie Jones WENT OFF this past weekend about this upcoming Ghostbusters movie set in the original universe. –Comic Book Resource Leslie Jones, of course, faced backlash for this opinion, and Paul Feig spoke out in support. – Unsolved Mysteries reboot is coming…

Leslie Jones Violated by Hackers, Homeland Security Steps In

Internet trolls harassed Leslie Jones on twitter after the release of Ghostbusters. Now they’ve have taken it much further. Jones’s personal website was hacked and private nude photos of the comedian were leaked and posted on her own website. There were also photos of Jones and possible sexual acts released. These photos, along with selfies Jones had…

‘ghostbusters’ star leslie jones targeted on twitter by racists

‘Ghostbusters’ Star Leslie Jones Targeted on Twitter by Racists

The remake of Ghostbusters was released July 9, and something negative besides the reviews is coming out of it. Since the film hit theaters, Leslie Jones has been attacked on social media platform Twitter. Users have been tweeting racially insensitive messages towards Jones. The images and messages are all racially related and target Jones only….

July movie preview: ‘beyond’ too many movies

July Movie Preview: ‘Beyond’ Too Many Movies

In my mind, the July movie schedule is usually the time when some of the biggest releases of all time reach audiences. I’m thinking of the final Harry Potter film or The Dark Knight. But this year the studios don’t have anything like that. Instead there are 14 wide release movies, which is way too…

Idw’s ‘ghostbusters/tmnt’ crossover comic is totally fun

IDW’s ‘Ghostbusters/TMNT’ Crossover Comic is Totally Fun

In case you missed it, IDW is doing some pretty incredible things with their continuing Ghostbusters comic book series. There are volumes of trade paperbacks out there now, tons of variant covers, and stories written in the spirit of the movies but freed from the containment grid. They currently have a new series that bridges…

‘ghostbusters 3’ pitch by max landis is just what fans need

‘Ghostbusters 3’ Pitch by Max Landis Is Just What Fans Need

  Originally covered by SlashFilms, screenwriter Max Landis wrote a fantasy Ghostbusters 3 pitch on his website, and it’s pretty damn good. There’s no telling what will become of the Ghostbusters rebooted franchise, but whoever is developing the screenplay should take some pages from Landis’ story. It outlines a plot that has the perfect blend of modern Hollywood…

Ghostbusters reboot could star all women

Ghostbusters Reboot Could Star All Women

The newest Ghostbusters could all be women, according to a new rumor surrounding the reboot of the highly successful film franchise. It’s been 30 years since Ghostbusters was released to a then-record breaking box office reception. It became an instant classic, and is now regarded as one of the best comedies of all time. After…

Celebrate the ghostbusters’ 30th anniversary in fantastic 4k

Celebrate the Ghostbusters’ 30th Anniversary in Fantastic 4K

There is some great news for all those hardcore Ghostbusters fans out there. In celebration of the original Ghostbusters’ 30th anniversary, there will be a restored and remastered theatrical re-release coming back to the big screen in 4K for a short amount of time. An Amazing New Trailer The re-release will last only a week…