Leslie Jones Violated by Hackers, Homeland Security Steps In

Internet trolls harassed Leslie Jones on twitter after the release of Ghostbusters. Now they’ve have taken it much further. Jones’s personal website was hacked and private nude photos of the comedian were leaked and posted on her own website. There were also photos of Jones and possible sexual acts released. These photos, along with selfies Jones had taken with celebrities such as Kanye and Kim Kardashian, were taken from Jones’s cell phone. This was not the only violation against Jones. Reportedly, photos of her passport and license were also posted. It is unsure how Jones’s website was leaked or how the photos were obtained.

This was just an addition in a string of attacks Jones has faced. After the release of Ghostbusters, Jones faced racist attacks on Twitter. With these new jaw dropping attacks against Jones, her website of course was left blank. The website previously contained information on Leslie Jones’s career and previous film work.

It is not clear why Jones is being targeted this way. Many celebrities have come out in support of Jones, using the hashtag #StandWithLeslie. Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton herself has tweeted her support of Jones and the Department of Homeland Security is now investigating the attack.

Hopefully there will be some form of justice for Jones. We #StandWithLeslie.

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