More movie sequels to geek out over: the sequel

More Movie Sequels to Geek Out Over: The Sequel

It’s the summer of geekquels, which seems to be the case every summer. There’s Age of Ultron for comic book fans in May, Ted 2 coming up in June for the Seth MacFarlane lovers out there, and Magic Mike XXL for the appreciators of exotic dance. Here are a few more sequels for you to geek out…

September movie preview: a hodgepodge of releases

September Movie Preview: A Hodgepodge of Releases

With the end of August as an indicator, it was clear that the new releases to come in September were not going to be a great draw. Historically September is one of the weakest months at the theaters, but browsing the list there are a few movies that will pull people to the popcorn lines….

Batfleck, james bland and other casting controversies

Batfleck, James Bland And Other Casting Controversies

What do you think was the big news story of the last week? The crisis in Syria? No. You and all major media outlets are wrong. The only story as far as my social media feeds were concerned last week was the casting of a man to play a fictional man who flies about and…

Ben affleck announced as the new batman! Now take a deep breath

Ben Affleck Announced as the New Batman! Now Take a Deep Breath

In case you missed it, social media erupted last night in a way I imagine it would if “World War Z” came true. “So livid right now,” said one of my Facebook friends. “I just threw up a little,” said a Twitter follower. The news that seemingly angered the planet is the announcement that Ben…

The worst comic book movies – part ii

The Worst Comic Book Movies – Part II

Wait, there’s even more awful comic book movies? Even though our original Worst Comic Book Movies article tried to cover the breadth and depth of the film industry’s greatest comic book movie mishaps, it was pretty clear that one article just wasn’t enough. So, for all the awful comic book movie fans out there, we’ve…

Marvel comics vs dc comics

Marvel Comics vs DC Comics

Marvel released the Avengers on the 4th May 2012; which was a great success and grossed US$623,357,910 in the United States and US$888,400,000 globally. The movie included comic icons such as Ironman, Hulk, Thor and Captain America. Fans were delighted to see all of their heroes packed into one movie. The last two Ironman movies…