5 geeky tips for surviving a boring class

5 Geeky Tips For Surviving A Boring Class

Everyone’s been in one of those classes: the teacher or professor reads straight from the textbook, offering no new information to keep you engaged or necessitate note-taking. Their irritating, monotone voice manages to suck the remaining life out of the already dry material, and their lifeless eyes make you glad you’re not going into teaching….

Geeky high school extracurriculars we wish got more attention in college

Geeky High School Extracurriculars We Wish Got More Attention in College

Do you remember in high school, all the extracurriculars we had to put ourselves through just so colleges would pretend to notice us? Remember those few after-school activities everyone fought to be part of? Those were the really fun ones that got you out of school for a day (or even a whole week) and…

Geeks after college: how to avoid the monotony of the daily grind

Geeks After College: How to Avoid the Monotony of the Daily Grind

For many geeks, myself included, college was an awakening. What do you mean there’s a day devoted to Harry Potter where the dining hall serves pumpkin pasties and changes its menu font to lightning bolts? Wait, there’s an actual student body Hunger Games (minus the killing…most of the time)? Lightsabers abound on May the Fourth?!…

College degrees: does a geek really need one to be successful?

College Degrees: Does a Geek Really Need One to be Successful?

If you’re reading this article, you’re most likely an 18 year old on the cusp of this grand journey through life. You’re probably also doubting college, what with all the big talk of millennials (you, yes you) dropping the ball. You’re also a geek. So what does that mean for your future? Your success? And…