5 Geeky Ways to Improve your College Experience

College survival

College provides a new beginning; it is a place where you can shed your high school label and forge a new path. However, many of us are content with the comfort zone we have established for ourselves and view change as an overwhelming task. If this is you, don’t worry, you can still be who you are! Just be who you are with a group of friends. Socializing is all part of the college experience and you don’t want to miss out because you are only focused on your studies. If you want to have a great college experience, but are struggling to balance the workload, you can always seek essay help online with essay pro review. There is nothing wrong with being a geek, but you can be a geek and still have a memorable time at college. For all the lovable geeks out there, here are 5 geeky ways to improve your college experience:

1. Join a Club

Having a great social life in college does not mean hanging out with the popular crowd. With such a wide variety of people attending, college is the perfect place to form friendships with people just like you. The best way to make like-minded friends is to join clubs that you are interested in. Everyone in the club will share your interests, which will give you plenty of conversation topics to break the ice.

2. Find an On-Campus Job

Need a bit of extra cash for that comic book you have your eye on? Consider looking for an on-campus job. Yes, other part-time jobs will help you earn a small wage, but an on-campus job means you will be interacting with the student body still. Whether it is a barista at the college cafe or stacking books at the library, you will be around students all the time. Also, your fellow co-workers will be students as well, giving you the chance to meet new people outside of your friend circle.

3. Get in Shape

Just because you are a little geeky doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for you in the gym. Staying active should be a priority for all, not just the jocks. If lifting weights next to a gym rat isn’t your idea of a fun workout, there are tons of classes to try. From zumba to yoga to pilates, you are bound to find something you enjoy. Plus, there is always that time before class to strike up conversation with someone while you wait for the instructor. Do not wait until after class when everyone is sweating and out of breath.

4. Study with Others

Studying is right up a geek’s alley. Because college is centered on studying and you will do more than enough of it during your four years, why not form a study group? Though you may prefer to study on your own, try studying with others at least once a week. You will not only become friends with those in your study group, but you may learn something new. The more minds, the better!

5. Keep your Door Open

If you intend on making any friends, an open door policy is the best policy. Geeks are stereotypically known as hermits, but trapping yourself in your room with only your books as company will not help you meet new people. No one, other than your roommate, will know you are there behind that closed-door. Though it may feel uncomfortable keeping the door open, an occasional passerby may stop and talk to you. To make your room a hangout space, consider throwing a little party and ask anyone who walks by to join. You never know who you will meet if you and your door are open to it.

Focusing on your studies is important, but there is so much more to college than the classes. Your college years are all about finding out who you are as an adult. By putting yourself out there and meeting new people, you will discover new things about yourself. Maybe you will meet someone who likes sushi and it becomes your new favourite food when you try it with them. All of your new experiences in college will become great memories. Even though your studies are important, you will remember the good times for years after graduation.

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