Geeky back-to-school shopping

Geeky Back-to-School Shopping Guide

School is quickly approaching and it’s time to start shopping! For Middle School and High School students, there’s no better way to show your geekiness than through your school supplies. For a college kid, it’s all about your dorm room. Purchasing the novelty items that us geeks love so much can be expensive, so we did our best to find things that are reasonably priced. No matter what age or budget, consult this guide when gearing up for this school year.


1. Avengers Notebook

Geeky back-to-school supplies

If you happen to take notes on real paper, this is a great notebook in which to take those notes. There are four different designs, featuring a different member of the superhero team.

2. Sonic Screwdriver Pen

Geeky back-to-school supplies

What Whovian wouldn’t want to take notes with this? Especially if you’re a fan of Eleven, it’s a must-have. Plus, it writes in both black and green ink. If you want a notebook to go with it, check out this one.


3. Lightsaber Pen

Geeky back-to-school supplies

If Doctor Who isn’t your thing, you can pick up this lightsaber pen instead! It actually lights up, so you can battle the dark side (aka your homework). If you want a notebook to go with it, check out this one.


4. Mario Kart Pencil Sharpener

Geeky back-to-school supplies: mario kart

The gang from Mario Kart is going to take a break from racing each other to sharpen your pencils! These cute little sharpeners come in a pack of four, so you can share with friends or keep them all for when you (inevitably) lose one.


5. Sherlock Pencil Case

Geeky back-to-school supplies: sherlock pencil case

This handmade pencil case is adorably geeky. Plus, it has a pun. Can it get any better? For fans who prefer to be a little more stylish with their merch, check out this pencil case that is made of the pattern from the famous wallpaper in John and Sherlock’s flat.


6. Batman Flash Drive

Geeky back-to-school supplies: batman flash drive

When he’s not saving Gotham, the Dark Knight can save up to 4GB of your files.


7. Appa Pillow

Geeky back-to-school supplies: appa pillow

Fans of Avatar: The Last Airbender can snuggle up next to Appa if they get this pillow, which is a great size for a desk chair or bed.


8. Marvel Poster

Geeky back-to-school: marvel-poster

When it comes to decorating your dorm room, it’s all about the posters! There’s nothing more boring than the standard white cinderblock walls that make up most college rooms, so choosing the right posters is important. This Marvel poster, which is only about $7, features the entire lineup of Marvel characters. It’s colorful and the perfect size for the wall of a dorm room.


9. Star Trek Laptop Sleeve

Geeky back-to-school supplies: live long and prosper

While you’re making the trek across campus, it’s important to keep your gadgets protected. This “Live Long and Prosper” laptop sleeve is the perfect pick.


10. Sound Rocking Chair

Geeky back-to-school supplies

This is the ultimate dorm chair. Gaming, watching movies, listening to music—this chair is specially designed for these activities. It has stereo speakers built into the chair so you can get your own personal surround sound. It looks comfortable enough that you can sit in it all day, or even sleep in it. The best part is the price won’t cause you to go broke before you’ve even taken out any student loans.


Here’s to a geeky 2014-2015 school year!