Kickstarters of the week: hando & hexo+

Kickstarters of the Week: Hando & Hexo+

Hando Robotic Stabilizer Hando is a stabilizing arm made to fit smartphones and GoPro cameras for optimal stabilization while taking photos and videos. It stabilizes the camera in both the roll and pitch axes, and has a trigger to let the user toggle the camera up or down while still stabilized. Hando uses complex algorithms…

Geeky deal of the day: universal lens kit (65% off)

Geeky Deal of the Day: Universal Lens Kit (65% Off)

Everyday presents you with endless opportunities to capture those moments to remember.   The times when you meet up with old friends and family members, weekend getaways, vacations, or just those postcard-type scenic images.  Capture all of it and more without having to carry an expensive SLR camera, with this Universal Lens Kit for your phone….

The rc quadcopter that fits in the palm of your hand

The RC Quadcopter that Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

Quadcopters have become all of the rage in the RC universe. They are known for their futuristic appearance, quick speed and flight stability. That’s great and all, but you know as well as I do that the best things in life come in a miniature size. First came RC cars, then helicopters. Now, we have…

Vsco cam is now available on android

VSCO Cam Is Now Available on Android

In 2013, December was the happiest month for me. You might (or not; I just realized the title gave it away) be wondering if it’s because of the holiday season. While I enjoy receiving Christmas gifts, I have to say that it doesn’t quite beat the exciting news Visual Supply Co (VSCO) just announced. Because…

Yet another galaxy: s4 zoom is now official

Yet Another Galaxy: S4 Zoom is now Official

Samsung isn’t finished yet. Yet another handset (the 4th in the past week, and the third S4 variant) has been announced. The Galaxy S4 Zoom, they call it, confirming the numerous leaks and rumors we’ve had over the past weeks. The handset seems to be a hybrid of the Galaxy S4, and the Galaxy Camera. The…

Instagram is coming to life! The socialmatic polaroid camera

Instagram is Coming to Life! The Socialmatic Polaroid Camera

The Polaroid camera plus Instagram, how much cooler can you get? The Socialmatic Polaroid camera is the hottest product at the moment Instagram and photo editing apps are very popular on the app store at the moment. There are a number of photo apps on the app store but Instagram continues to be the most…